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Good morning!

I am feeling rather passionate this morning, and it is not that kinda passion it’s the ‘you pissed me off ‘ kinda passion.
(And just so we are clear WYV is a bitch free zone, but fact is fact and I shall stick with the facts!)

My advise today is, don’t do *THIS* & I feel my advise may be well received by our 65% male audience (hello! I see you)


Photo credit http://www.salon.com/2014/10/09/microsoft_ceo_to_women_dont_ask_for_a_raise_trust_the_system_and_karma/

Dear everyone reading this, don’t get up on a stage at a conference in front of a room full of women, and tell them exactly not to do what Sheryl Sandberg told us to do…are you keeping up?

Yes none other than CEO of Microsoft who will remain nameless to protect his identity, (lol- I have always wanted to say that) Nadella, oops that just slipped out of my mouth,  you should be scared really, really scared of yourself, not us, we have had our sweet redemption.

So, why has this become such a war of words? Why are we as women so activated & triggered by this? Well, statistics tell us we have a situation here and so do our eyes and wallets, but where does Nadella get off thinking we should not ask for a pay rise? Hello world to Nadella, women classically won’t and don’t, so why are you stating the obvious? And there you have it, yes ladies, I said it, I called you out- we do not ask, and we should ask. We do not say no and we should do that too…

But hey maybe it was a hashtag twitter moment in the making?#ghcmanwatch – congrats you are officially a hashtag twitter sensation


 Men – 6 things you need to stop doing right now

1. Stop telling women what to do. It’s old, it’s dull, and it’s so outdated

2. Stop thinking you have to be THE ”man”- what exactly does this mean anyhow? – Eat more protein? Lift more weights? Have more sex??

3. Stop reading mens magazines with muscular fear inducing, inferiority complex enhancing, unrealistic images of what you think a woman wants

4. Stop promoting mainly men and only ”some” women into powerful corporate spaces – you would be more successful as a company if you had an even distribution of both men and women. (duh!)

5. Stop thinking that admitting you are wrong will deplete your levels of testosterone-well done Nadella you actually got this one right!

6. Stop thinking that we don’t know you have a deep engrained fear that we will take over the world….to quote Beyonce ”who run the world? – girls”