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Over this past summer, Wear Your Voice was honored to welcome Ashlee Marie Preston to our growing collective of change-makers under the role as Editor-in-Chief. Ashlee’s previous experience as a diversity speaker, transgender rights activist and media advocate, as well as her dynamic presence, is what inspired us to reach out to her with an opportunity to join the WYV team. 

During Ashlee’s brief and yet impactful tenure, she helped embolden the collective voices of Black and brown creatives of color whose labor lies at the pulse of the work we do. With Ashlee’s support, WYV has continued to expand our reach and amplify our voices; helping to ensure that we could continue to provide opportunities and economic access for marginalized Black and brown people to have autonomy over their lives and narratives.

In addition to supporting Wear Your Voice, Ashlee has sat on the board at various organizations, including Trans Chorus of L.A, LA Pride, Stonewall Democratic Club and Mirror Memoirs. In addition to serving the community, Ashlee produces documentary films and digital content that speak to the narrative of marginalized communities and  is a regular feature in BuzzFeed’s LGBTQ+ media, hoping that someday her visibility will shift our social ecology in a way that affords Trans people greater opportunities. Ashlee Marie was Miss Quest 2016 (APAIT), recipient of the “Connie Norman Advocacy Award” & the “Community Empowerment Award.” She received recognition from the Los Angeles Human Relations Commission for her role in the Transgender Civic Engagement Leadership pilot and was recently listed as one The Root’s 100 Most Influential People of 2017.

Ashlee brings tremendous energy and passion, as well as a deep personal investment, to the activist work that continues to bring much-needed light to the critical social issues that impact Black & brown queer women, femmes, trans & non binary people nationally and worldwide. In this era of repression from the highest office in the land, there will always be a need and appreciation for the crucial attention her voice brings. As she transitions out of Wear Your Voice and onto new opportunities, we look forward to continuing to be inspired by her presence and watch her journey unfold. Our paths will surely cross again soon.

– Ravneet Vohra


About WYV:

Founded in 2014 by Ravneet Vohra, Wear Your Voice (WYV) an intersectional feminist digital media publication based out of Los Angeles with a mission to transform the media landscape by prioritizing Black and brown creatives of color.


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