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Tamara Copes

Peabrain? A No-Brainer

Many Bolognesi grew up seeing this symbol around the city. Though many rumors surrounded the meaning and artist behind these figures and no one knew exactly...

Tamara Copes

Fashion/Lifestyle Writer

I Hecka Love Oakland! After moving around quite a bit, I've finally come back home. Currently playing the dating game, eek! As a writer at WYV, I'm responsible for introducing you to my kind of funky, eclectic, chic, and unique style that may give you inspiration to find your OWN style, encourage you to try a new look and be brave in your expressions of fashion and life. Hair, make-up, clothing, shoes, men and life. If I were a tattoo I would be a clock. An old grandfather clock over the pulse spot behind my earClocks are a marker of time and I love to read about the past present and hear others thoughts about what the future may hold. They also remind me that life is passing us by and we haven't a moment to lose!! If I were a street I would be Park St. I am a woman with eclectic tastes in music, friends, style, etc and I love that Park is such a long street and you pass through so many different neighborhoods along the way. My favorite spot (so far)are the swings at Lake Merritt at night. so peaceful and I feel on top of the world.