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Sonya Mann

red bandana headband, leather jacket, sunglasses

Bandanas: Spring Must Have

Spring makes my nose run. It's awful but inevitable. Bandanas are better than gross grubby tissues, I promise. Would you accessorize with a tissue? (Not that I ...

What It Means To Be Tired

Driving home from therapy, I blasted Taylor Swift's latest album and tried to enjoy the pretty weather. In fact, the weather was disturbingly pretty this Monday...

5 *FREE* Scents

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/angehphotos/ 5 Oakland Scents That Double As Perfume Do you ever walk down the street and smell something, and it's ...

Sonya Mann


Sonya Mann tippity-tap-types on her computer, walks a dog named Button, and voraciously consumes media of all types. She enjoys making zines and wishes she knew more about gardening.