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Ravneet Vohra

Ravneet Vohra

Senior Staff

Ravneet Vohra is the founder and CEO of Wear Your Voice Inc., a  multi-media company incorporating innovative technology in a way that will transform the media landscape forever. Growing up as a South Asian girl just outside of London--Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey; Vohra never saw herself represented on the pages of her favorite glossy magazines. Her dream was to someday change that reality for girls like her.

Ravneet graduated with a B.S. (Honors) in Management Science. Two years post-grad, she was thriving in a rewarding career in the luxury European fashion industry, doing PR/ marketing and coordinating trade shows during Paris Fashion Week.  Seeing the inner workings, Vohra saw firsthand how the beauty and fashion industry grossly distorted  body image.  While she successfully landed her clients in high end editorial spreads such as Vogue, Vanity Fair & Harpers Bizarre, Ravneet knew she wanted to be part of the solution, not the problem,  pivoting her career before relocating to the U.S. Vohra began studying naturopathy with an emphasis in cognitive behavioral therapy, with a deep understanding that negative self perceptions are heavily associated to toxic messaging received through the media.

It wasn’t until after having her first child that Vohra transformed her dreams into a reality and created a publication that countered the status-quo. Vohra said “As a mother, I want to make sure that the next generation of young people don't inherit our insecurities." WYV was actualised from her kitchen table in Oakland CA. Wear Your Voice Magazine  was launched in 2014 with a mission to deconstruct traditional media’s approach to news and culture through edgy, disruptive content that explores body positivity, queer identities, race politics, mental health, ableism, and the latest in pop-culture through an intersectional feminist lens, while empowering, uplifting and educating its readers. What started out as a hyperlocal publication capturing the essence of Oakland’s diverse art and advocacy work in digital format quickly transformed into an international publication as WYV drew audiences from around the world as a result of their body positive campaigns. With Vohra at the helm, WYV launched a series of successful viral social media campaigns that catapulted it into the spotlight in 2015. #DropTheTowel, #KillTheSilence, and #BeyondBeauty were covered by outlets such as Bustle, HuffPo, Self, and CNN’s HLN. #BeyondBeauty alone was picked up by People Magazine, Vanity Fair, Women's Weekly, and Vogue; surpassing over 3 million impressions on Twitter and becoming the 4th trending topic in California. Celebrated as a ‘body positive warrior’ by Mercury News Group and honored as one of 11 ‘badass women’ to be thankful for by The Huffington Post, Vohra says she’s most grateful people are divesting from traditional media bias and beginning to prioritize the voices of marginalized communities.

Vohra made history in June of 2017 by appointing the first transgender person as  Editor in Chief of a major publication.

In the summer of 2017,  Ravneet & her partner Sumit Sharma who both co-founded SRIA Ventures launched their latest business, Eclipse Consulting Firm, a digital media and social equity firm with a mission to transform media and company workplace culture by placing inclusion and diversity at the forefront of our business practices.


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