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Natalie Coblentz

Queer News Roundup

Earlier this week, there was a story floating around the internet about how a mother, Rachel Giordano, was scolded in Texas by a store clerk from Martha's Minat...

Natalie Coblentz

Communications & Senior Graphic Editor

Traveler by trade, wanderer by nature, this two spirit walks the earth in hopes to live freely and with ease. I am a trained and skilled artist, journalist, musician, photographer, graphic artist, and producer. I come to Oakland to express myself via Wear Your Voice Magazine as the Manager of Mis-Chief - doing everything from events, photography, graphics, and interviews. If I were to be a tattoo, I would be the essence of light depicted in a abstract brilliance of circles and color with a ratio of time mixed in sparkled and sprinkled a little all over my body. I wouldn't be a street in Oakland, I would be an underground tunnel of excitement and interest. My favorite spot in Oakland is the FOX Theater because I love live music.