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Liz Vogt

Outfit of the Day: Back in Black

I recently went to New York for the first time. Yeah, that makes me a gold star Californian. Because I have fashion on the membrane, I made it a point to try to...

Fashion Friday: Top 6 at Loakal

The moment I stepped into Loakal, near Jack London Square, I could tell this was going to be a Jesus, take the wheel moment. I was going to want to buy EVER...

More is More at Resurrect

It felt like it had been a while since I'd stopped by Resurrect, in its cozy hidey-hole on Piedmont Avenue, so I emailed Kate, the shop's owner, to see if I cou...

Liz Vogt

Fashion Writer

Liz was born in the Bay Area and has never been able to escape. Her ancestors couldn't either: she's a fifth generation Bay Area-er. Luckily, this is a glorious place to be trapped, and oh so bikeable! She enjoys dressing like your grandmother did in the 50s, your mom did in the 70s, and her childhood self did in the 90s. Her hair enjoys frequent shifts on the ROYGBIV spectrum. She over-confidently feels this is enough to qualify her as a fashion writer for Wear Your Voice. Were she a tattoo, she would be an image of a Depression-era hobo on her lower back (this is a pun on "tramp stamp" and Liz is very much ashamed of this terrible pun. It's probably a good thing she doesn't actually have any tattoos.) Her favorite place in Oakland is The New Parkway Theater, because it's a cheap movie theater that serves WINE and has COUCHES. Wine and couches, people! Her favorite street has to be Telegraph in Temescal: not only was this was the first place she lived in Oakland, it also has the best Korean food outside of Seoul AND the best Japanese karaoke outside of Kyoto (BYOB, folks.)