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Gina Goldblatt

Camp Reel Stories

Esther Pearl of Camp Reel Stories and camper Saturday was Camp Reel Stories' short film showing at the New Parkway Theatre, the culmination of five days of ...

Sol Sisters

Saturday was Sol Sisters' first formal workshop at St. Vincent de Paul Wellness Center in San Francisco. Sol Sisters, founded by Christine Shayesteh and A...

Urban Stitch

Alanna Rayford is the owner of Urban Stitch. The Boutique, formerly known as Runway Style House, is decorated with tree branches that serve as clothing racks, ...

Oakland Home Companion

Oakland Home Companion Okay readers, what is “Oakland Home Companion?” A) A Hipster Made and Produced Protective Device formerly known as a handgun, selling...

Gina Goldblatt


I am a writer of short stories, flash fiction and am working on my first novel. The genre I write in is called Slightly Lying. I teach English and Creative Writing to sixth through twelfth graders. At WYV I write articles about why I love Oakland and its funky and inspiring inhabitants. If I were a street in Oakland, I think I'd be a small street in Oakland, where people went to smoke cigarettes and have secret conversations, located somewhere in the Temescal area. I'd be a street that the people who shared secrets there named for themselves and similarly kept just between them. One of my favorite spots in Oakland is the Cemetery at the end of Piedmont Ave. (It comforts me.) If you were a tattoo what would you be and where? If I were a tattoo I would be my own tattoo, a lovely pear surrounded by blossoms and a calla lily, unscripted into flesh by the talented and local tattoo artist Leslie Mah.