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Fb. In. Tw. Be.

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Our Team

Meet the team! Our editorial staff strives to make more room for LGBTQIA+ Black, Indigenous, and writers of color away from traditional media spaces and in a way that honors and affirms our voices and perspectives. Learn more about who we are here and learn about our freelance submissions here.

Ravneet Vohra
Founder + CEO Em.
Lara Witt
Editor-In-Chief Em. Wb. Tw. Ig.
Sherronda J. Brown
Managing Editor Fb. Tw. Wb.
Da'Shaun Harrison
Associate Editor Em. Wb. Tw. Ig.
Sennai Atsbeha
Head of Strategy and Partnerships Em.
Hope Harris
Video Production Director Wb.
Antoinette Kelley
IT Em. Wb.
Sarah Ogun
Brand Partnership Lead Em. Tw. Ig.
Tea Sierra Troutman
Social Media Manager Ig. Tw.

Investor & Advisory Board

David Adelman
CEO, Campus Apartments
Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban Companies
Niija Keykendall
EVP, Warner Bros Film
Jake Coburn
Television Writer & Producer

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