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Witches of color, we carry with us the resilience and power of all our dearest ancestors to confront the shadows of oppression.

On Jan 20, 2018, witches of color from across the country will gather in Washington, D.C. to protest Donald Trump because it is our sacred duty to protect marginalized peoples from the shadows of oppression. Though popularly represented as demonic and devil worshipers, in actuality, witches were far from the persons accused of committing the sorts of crimes and social indecencies leveled against them. On the contrary — history belies this myth. Despite the many misconceptions that surround the origins of witches in America, sources tell us that, simply put, witches are people who defied the status quo — a society based on patriarchy, gross inequality, abuse, and violence — and serve as healers against oppression. Most of us are probably familiar with the famous Salem Witch Trials and similar witch hunts that ravaged Europe. And though hunting and executing those who laid claim to witchery ended in the 18th century, the fear of witches and witchcraft remained long after, manifesting itself in the popular stereotypes we know today, such as the cackling, hag-faced old woman who wears pointed hats, stirs potions in her cauldron and rides brooms. 

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