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Amber Rose will not save feminism or completely dismantle body hair negativity for good - and she doesn't have to. Her activism is powerful in the ways that it starts the conversation for those who are not embracing feminism already.

Summer is nearly here, which means that conversations about body hair, body positivity, and feminism are heating up once again. The conversation of how body hair plays into body positivity and feminism isn't a new one. Since second wave feminism, women and femmes have been fighting for the freedom to present in the ways that make them the most comfortable for decades. Body hair, much like every other aspect of a femme-presenting person's appearance, is political in that it is a conscious and unconscious personal choice. It is something that one chooses based on emotion, and/or societal pressure, and/or survival. There are so many factors that influence whether someone decides to shave, including why, where and how. Body hair is interesting in that through its heavy policing, it can become a weapon for unconscious femininity and misogyny.

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