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If you’re having trouble building a practice due to the lack of rigid schedules or want to put a little oomph behind your work, turn to the full moon — it will always smile upon you.

The full moon is source of power and energy but I often tell people that we don’t use the moon in hoodoo and conjure work. This statement is true but it’s also not the whole story. The moon in hoodoo is a powerful source of timing energy to work your fixes around. This November's full moon, also known as the frost moon, will appear and be at its brightest and fullest tonight Many people come to hoodoo from a Wicca or neo-paganism background in which the moon is a more prominent force in and of itself. There are spells and works that are completely moon dependent. The full moon is considered a point of power and aligned with feminine energy, especially. Although in hoodoo there are a few tricks and fixes directed at women, specifically, due to the moon cycle, it isn’t because people believe that the moon is a divine feminine energy, it’s because the moon is cyclic, and the tricks are as well. The moon in hoodoo is a way to time things. The moon can serve as an anchor. Hoodoo is a sympathetic magick and the way we use the moon is a simple and follows function. Because we are human, we are powerful under the new moon and full moon and hoodoo makes use of these times. Even though we’re talking about the full moon here, the power is coming from us.

1. Luck, Charms, and Mojo bags

One thing you hear about when it comes to moon work is the idea of charging items in the moonlight. Hoodoo doesn’t generally do this. For the vast majority of things used in hoodoo, there’s no concept of charging them, they come with their own power. Common things like crystals which are usually charged in moonlight are not part of a hoodoo practice. Cleansing items and self is generally done with salt and spiritual baths. That being said, there is one place where the moon is used to charge: Luck charms and mojo bags. Letting the moonlight touch a charm or mojo bag increases its luck and power. Every time the moon “passes” over it and the light touches it, it becomes stronger. This is a vulnerable practice because mojo bags and luck charms are often meant to keep secret, close to your person and not for public consumption. For the light to touch it, you must expose it.

In a world that expects us to pour from an empty cup, your team only seeks to fill your cup and often a simple gesture of gratitude is all that is required.

We pay homage to our ancestors. We recognize and give thanks to the ancestors whose names we know and those we don’t. We pay gratitude to the land upon which we live. We make the commitment to honor and care for our bodies as we honor and care for the land. We know that we are sacred and give thanks for all the ways our spirit team reminds us of this fact. Give thanks for our remembering. Ase.
Finding the space to create, nurture and define as ‘sacred’ can often be the hardest part in creating sacred space. The world is in a state of massive shift, turmoil and unrest; it often feels like there is nowhere for respite and nothing is treated as sacred anymore — sometimes can only access our sacred space inside of ourselves. Because of our trauma(s) and lived experiences, sometimes going inside is scary and we can only access the sacred outside of ourselves, first. Sometimes we question if we deserve it. And even more so, we question what we will invite in through the creation of that space. We hold the right to make every space we step onto sacred, and I seek to remind you, that though it don’t feel like it — everywhere you step is sacred. This land has been made sacred from creation. We are continually reminded that it is still upheld and fought for as sacred by the many Indigenous nations who still take seriously this responsibility, despite colonialism working in opposition to this. The foremost part of developing sacred space is knowing that this land is inherently sacred, and it is our responsibility, as settlers and stolen bodies, to treat this land as such and regard our many communities that inhabit it, as such.

Below are some medicines that are effective in healing the heart, from a physical, mental and emotional perspective.

We pay homage to our ancestors. We recognize and give thanks to the ancestors whose names we know and those we don’t. We offer gratitude for their patience with us, especially as we learn to love ourselves the way they so eagerly give us their love & acceptance. We choose to heal our hearts, the way we see fit. We choose to support each other in our efforts around defining and engaging in our individual understandings of self-care. Give thanks for the reclaiming of our hearts. Ase.
This has been a hard time for our hearts. We have been shedding and letting go of some stuff we thought would be with us forever. Especially the people we thought would be with us forever. But that shedding has been necessary. Through these transitions, we realize that our hearts have held our pain and our fear for so very long, and we’ve relied upon them to carry more constriction than they were ever meant to; we cannot survive wholesomely on fear. Our spirits and our hearts crave the joy we are so often not allowed to claim in the current state of the world. We deserve to feel the immense amount of love that is vibrating around us; from family, friends, our spirit team, our lover(s), ourselves. Know that in the deepest depths of our self-loathing, there is still love there — often hard to syphon out, it lies in wait for you to catch it and elevate it. Your guides are sitting in wait for you too — trying to help your heart communicate with you and let you know what it needs and when. Below are some medicines that are effective in healing the heart, from a physical, mental and emotional perspective. These are medicines that will not interfere with any pharmaceutical methods of self-care that folks are engaging in. These methods can be integrated into any heart-healing ritual or be used as a jumping off point for one in-design:

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