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Name: Alysse Dalessandro Age: 28 Location: Cleveland, OH Blog/Brand: Ready To Stare Where can we find you on the web? (Twitter, IG, FB, etc) www.readytostare.com, www.instagram.com/readytostare, www.twitter.com/readytostare, www.facebook.com/readytostare. www.readytostare.tumblr.com WYV: How do you describe your style? Alysse Dalessandro: My style is always evolving, but I would

Today's StyleCrush is Mallorie Dunn of body positive clothier SmartGlamour. Mallorie is a fashion designer whose clothing line offers affordable, fashionable and customizable fashions for people of all shapes, sizes, heights, ages, identities and styles. Every item can be customized to

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