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Photo by Felix Augustine, courtesy MC Lyte.

Photo by Felix Augustine, courtesy MC Lyte.

My Sister’s Keeper founder Tina Brown learned how to find peace in broken places, and is using her story to inspire women of color to reclaim their lives financially, emotionally and spiritually.

“I was a teenage mom who was pregnant at 13,” she says. “I thought my life was over, that no one would want me. I wish I had a sister’s keeper. Someone who could tell me, ‘I’ve been in your shoes and I know that you can still make it.'”

Brown refused to let oppression have all the power. She made it her mission to heal and thrive by attending a variety of workshops and symposiums. She spent all of her free time finding resources that would put her closer to fulfilling her dreams. But individual success wasn’t enough for Brown. She wanted to create a better path for future generations. Brown commented on the disparity of resources for women of color at the workshops and symposiums she attended. She went on a search for different programs that focused on female empowerment for women of color in particular. Many times she was one of the only black women in attendance, and it left her feeling isolated.

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That led Brown to create My Sister’s Keeper, an event for and by women of color to help them find the tools for liberation and financial freedom.

“My goal is for women to walk away knowing it’s possible to fulfill their dreams and know that the best is yet to come,” she says.

San Francisco will host My Sister’s Keeper Expo, two days focused on women’s empowerment, health, beauty and financial wellness, this weekend. The event is sponsored by Prudential Financial and takes place April 15 and 16 at the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco.

My Sister’s Keeper has an impressive lineup, including a performance and keynote speech by MC Lyte, as well as panelists including Teneshia Warner, founder and CEO of Egami Consulting group; Dr. Rosche Brown, author of the 31-Day Self-Love Challenge; business Coach Becky A. Davis and many others.

For more information about this event, along with ticket information, visit their website.