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Is it just me, or do The Duggars, former reality TV stars of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, seem to be garnering a plethora of love, blessed with an effusion of gut-hitting, heart-plucking condolences these past few days? I mean, I know their televised circus act, which, according to reports remains on life support, was a bona fide hit with both moderate conservatives and the extreme fundamentalist Christian community, bringing in an estimated 4.4 million viewers. However, you’d think the recent revelations of son Josh Duggar’s molestation charges (which prompted an apology and his immediate resignation as director of Family Research Center (FRC), a hate-group masquerading as the people’s champ) would have punch-drunk-loved the far right’s infatuation with Jim Blo and Michelle’s cult clan.

Not so much. Over the past week and a half, Waco taught us that when Whiteness is against the wall, when white privilege is endangered, American mainstream media goes on red alert, deliberately warps its coverage of “white pathology.”

We see it happening again with The Duggars.

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Although the “scandal” could not have come at a more inconvenient time, with an approaching 2016 Presidential election year, conservatives have put pen to paper to rally behind their family on a hill.

Only a patriarchal and homophobic cult, insulated from the world, is worthy enough to be the paragon of grand old party values. Only a fanatically extremists family preaching female subservience can be solicited for photo-ops with just about every prominent conservative politician on a Republican’s Who’s Who list. Only a Quiverfull quack can prompt trunk blowing stupidstar Mike Huckabee to dismiss the “liberal” backlash and accusations of hypocrisy leveled on the Duggars as “sensationalism.” Only a white, far right family is capable of stroking the heartstrings of conservatives en masse.

Lockstep with the aforementioned are the mushy op-eds ceremoniously pouring out of conservative spheres, chastising critics, encouraging this media battered family to keep “God first,” reminding us that everyone falls short.

Everyone white, you mean. But, never mind that.

One of the more striking pieces comes from Jeannie DeAngelis’s on “American Thinker.com” Easing her way into her defense by assuring readers that Josh Duggar’s behavior was “inappropriate” and “harmful,” she goes on to write

“[…] in today’s society, boys fondling girls and even boys fondling boys are common occurrences.”

I’ll spare you another excerpt. One is enough. But, note the tone. So considerate. So understanding. So compassionate. So rational and empathetic.

A far cry from the right-wing response of visceral disdain regarding the perceived lack of decency of another well-known American family, currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 1.40.37 PM

image credit : nypost.com An Instagram of Malia wearing a Pro Era T-shirt circulated in January.Photo: Instagram @proera47

Remember when the White Right fiber-optically assaulted 16 year-old Malia Obama’s instagram photo that leaked on the interwebs?


Oh, White Righters came out in droves, but not to understand or rationally consider or broaden any affinity for Pro-Era (the stylish logo of the hip hop collective across the T-shirt Malia is rocking) or rap as a “common occurrence,” but to roundly denounce both daughter and father for embodying black criminal tendencies.

What about when former Republican communications director Elizabeth Lauten spewed verbal filth at the Obama girls for “classlessness,” tainting the White House, and appearing before the public as if they were ready to hit the bar?

These clothes:imrs


Her remarks lit a social media fire, created a groundswell of outrage, and forced her to retire from her position with Rep. Stephen Lee Fisher (R-Tenn).

The White-lie moralizing doesn’t stop with the Obama family.

In the dark night, Trayvon Martin, draped in a gray hoodie, appearing suspicious (in an “inherently”, genetically predisposed kind of way), compelled pseudo-cop George Zimmerman to “stand his ground.” White-righters protected Zimmerman. Michael Brown was accused of stealing cigarettes (for which, it must be noted, he wasn’t stopped over), ignored former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson when ordered to vacate a barren street, bolt, turned around with hands up, and killed execution style. No elephants stampeded on his behalf. On the contrary. The overwhelming White consensus was: He DESERVED to be shot, they ALL deserve to be shot. Eric Garner was approached for an alleged petty crime — hawking cigarettes outside a storefront. Consequently, he invited the excessive police manhandling and chokehold that ultimately killed him.

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Tamir Rice, Andy Lopez, Akai Gurley, John Crawford, Ezell Ford, Freddie Gray, countless others. Neither these black-bodied victims nor their families have, or will ever (so it seems), elicit the intense level of sympathy and contextualization proffered on behalf of the Duggars.

(The only exception is an enraged black mother slapping the S. H. I. T. out of her son to keep him from protesting against a White Supremacist police force.)

And, if the Josh Duggar were Black — that’s right!, there’s not a chance in hell that any — ANY — White Righter would’ve showered him with tender love and care. Not arrested? Shhhiiiit. Inject his black ass, quick, and send him to his “maker” — Lucifer!

Yes, if black Josh Duggar did some white Josh Duggar shit, he’d be dead or in jail, castigated as another “thug,” reamed as another confirmation of the uncontrollable black buck, another FOX News–Limbaugh talking point, for black cultural degeneration.

Lucky for Josh that serendipity was on his side and he was born into the Right and “white” body. And in White capitalist America, that’s the real blessing. Wouldn’t you agree?