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After compiling a list of what I felt to be very important social media truth bombs in the forms of various activist’s posts and memes, Wear Your Voice as a whole felt it very important to also share further resources with our readers of where they can obtain truth about both the Baltimore Riots and the #blacklivesmatter movement as a whole, as opposed to the disgusting lies being perpetuated by mainstream media. From the cruel and ignorant joking about a mother terrified for her son’s life, to the condemnation of Baltimore’s youth and the racist labeling of them as “thugs,” I would urge readers even beyond making yourself aware of these falsified news outlets (not just skewed perceptions but out and out lies born from racism) to completely stop utilizing those outlets altogether, and switch to truly conscious and accurate depictions of the current state of affairs in America.

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Trust us, there is truly no shortage, so beyond the serious serving of truth that our magazine provides on all topics, here is a list of just 7 of the many uncensored media sources available to you at this very moment (as always in no particular order) – get ready for your world to be rocked!

1. The Anti-Media

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The very name of this outlet, which can be found on Facebook, suggests that there is in fact a massive skewing that occurs within mainstream media today – we know, you know, let’s all stop tuning in to lies, and start attuning with truth.

2. revolutionary_mindset

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“Did you hear about the Black womyn in Baltimore killed while in police custody?” NO. “Did you hear about the black trans individual killed while in police custody?” NO. Pay attention to what you’re not hearing folks! Start tuning into this revolutionary Instagram account!

3. Son of Baldwin

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Check out all the wisdom and truth offered up over on the Son of Baldwin’s Society and Culture Facebook page, which also provides intersectional insight into the LGBTQ community – it was difficult to choose which radical revelation to showcase in this article, so I highly recommend checking it out for your authentic self!

4. Rushonna Watkins

If I had to choose just one individual on this list to follow, it would hands down be Rushonna Watkins on her instagram account full of many more important videos – this ultimate WARRIOR WOMYN speaks truth so fiercely, unapologetically, and authentically, that you must go check out the rest of her musings!”

5. Truth Casters TV

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*Word on the live feed is the next march is happening in Oakland: Friday May Day, Shutting down the port of Oakland @ 6 a.m., Oscar Grand Plaza @ 9-11 a.m.*

6. Oakland/Berkeley Emergency Response Protest in Solidarity with Freddie Gray and all Victims of Police Oppression!


(photo credit: Monica Cadena)

 This is my go-to place for immediate, local, and accurate updates! You don’t – have to be from Oakland or Baltimore to join and support, so seriously go check it out, and join the movement!

7. Black Twitter Activists

I was speaking to my friend and activist, WB Christensen, about any further resources she felt would be important to add to this list, and she cited Black Twitter, which she explained eloquently; “I like to think of it as if Twitter is gentrified. Where would you find the Black neighborhood? Who would be the big mamas? – And that’s who I follow. These womyn consistently provide comprehensive coverage of Black issues and do so with a critical lens. They retweet important voices and call attention where it’s needed.”

She expanded: “I think it’s important for white people to understand that a big mama is a highly respected member of our community. She is a goddess. A caretaker and a doer. So many people misunderstand what a big mama is and what she is not. Here is a really good read about that may be helpful. “

The womyn activists on her Black Twitter list include:

@professorcrunk@thetrudz,@chiefelk, @bdoulaoblongata@karnythia @blackgirldanger @gradientlair@afrolez – go listen to these authentic voices now!



*I would like to specifically dedicate this article In Memory of Rekia Boyd and In Memory of Maya Hall, whose lives were also taken by the Police unjustly – it is extremely important to remember that Black Womyn’s lives and Black Trans lives matter just as much as Black Men’s lives – #allblacklivesmatter 

*while I was admitedly annoyed at these white reporters at first, they actually really surprised me on the criticisms and awareness they raised, and I realized how much less defensive white people watching this news may potentially be, making them more receptive to understanding the inequalities and grave injustices the Black community still faces in America. Never underestimate the power of a true white ally who is able to leverage their voices on behalf of others not allowed to do the same.*