Our Story

“When I flipped through the pages of my favorite magazines growing up, I never saw images that I could relate to; I did not feel seen or heard. I realised later in life that media had been the source for many of my insecurities, and I knew if I didn’t see myself represented in the media, other women didn’t see themselves represented either. I decided that I wanted to change that, so I took the essence of a glossy lifestyle magazine and put an intersectional feminist spin on it, and out of this was borne Wear Your Voice Magazine, a magazine to redefine the way we as people are represented in the media.”-WYV Founder, Editor-In-Chief Ravneet Vohra

Wear Your Voice Magazine (WYV) is an intersectional feminist media publication committed to deconstructing mainstream media’s approach to news and culture. Unlike traditional media outlets, WYV digs for the non-gendered truth and seeks to amplify the collective voices of today’s generation.

WYV tackles the latest in news from around the world, from an intersectional feminist point of view. We deal with pressing issues such as LGBTQIA rights, race and gender, body politics, sex, and entertainment. WYV seeks to create a dialogue where everyone’s voice is represented and heard.

WYV’s signature is retaining the authenticity of the voices merging in this feminist space to illuminate the minds of our audience. Our writers take a fresh, bold, and radical approach to stories, and offer unique perspectives on the contemporary issues that matter most importantly to you.

WYV is applying a whole new approach to creating content — we’re not just talking about the issues, we’re creating solutions for them.

WYV is most known for our provocative, global viral campaigns. Our first campaign, #KillTheSilience, launched in March 2015, with the aim of helping to end the stigma rape and domestic survivors face when going forward with their story. In the summer of the same year, we launched our first body positive campaign #DropTheTowel, and launched #BeyondBeauty campaign on Black Friday as a reminder that no one can sell you your confidence.

In sum, if Wear Your Voice was a lovechild, we’d be the offspring of James Baldwin and Margaret Cho.

What people are saying about Wear Your Voice:

“In the 2006 film, “The Devil Wears Prada,” the imperious fashion magazine editor played by Meryl Streep champions the waifish ideal of female beauty, referring to her plucky new size-6 assistant as “the fat one.”

It’s that kind of unhealthy beauty standard that real-life editor Ravneet Vohra is working to challenge with Wear Your Voice”-Martha Ross, Bay Area News Group

“Wear Your Voice’s #BeyondBeauty Campaign Celebrates The Glorious Diversity of Women”Nina Bahadur, Self Magazine

“Wear Your Voice magazine is taking body confidence to another level”-Deirdre Fogarty, Women’s Weekly Australia

“Wear Your Voice is no stranger to tackling body shame and creating its own counter narrative.”-Alysee Dalessandro, Bustle

“Ravneet Vohra’s objective truly transcends societal standards and introduces us to what’s beyond beauty.”-Erica Nichole, celebrity blogger (formerly Necole Bitchie)