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If it’s not clear by now, Donald Trump bodied every other candidate in the Republican primary during 2016 Super Tuesday showdown. EVERYBODY. He racked up on delegates — 30 in Georgia; 20 in Alabama; 26 in Tennessee, just to name a tiny few. No other Republican candidate came close to his numbers. Not Cruz. Not Rubio. Not Carson.

But the day’s political whooping has not been without its controversies for The Donald. This morning, a story broke about some bigoted nastiness that bubbled at a Trump event on Super Tuesday Eve in Valdosta, Georgia, on Valdosta State University campus. According to The New York Daily News Shaun King, 30 Black VSU students were kicked out of a Trump rally for “showing up while Black.” Or, at least, that’s the suspicion. Nineteen-year-old Tahjila Davis, one of the students removed from the event, left teary-eyed at the thought of what happened.

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Up in Louisville, Kentucky a young Black woman and anti-Trump protester was violently roughed up during a hurrah on Trump’s behalf. (See the video below).

Still, none of this could dampen Trump’s mood …


… But it does beg a huge, elephant-in-the-room type question: Who exactly are these folks supporting Trump? Who are these folks making black girls cry and fear for the safety of their bodies? We’ve got a few tweets that may give you an idea.



Worried yet?

This ain’t the 1940s, 50s, or 60s, folks. It’s 2000 now. It’s the 21st century today. It’s America in this hour. Malcolm X said something to the effect of “I’d rather my enemy be upfront with me about being my enemy, than pretend to be my friend.” That’s a drastic paraphrase. But, never mind that. The gist holds.

Please believe, y’all — you can’t get more upfront than this.