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Janet Jackson Hillary Clinton #nastywoman

Donald Trump has called Hillary Clinton a lot of things this election, but “nasty woman” may be our favorite. Regardless of your feelings about HRC, the woman has a lot going on. You do not have to like her to see that’s true.

Personal feelings aside, it’s difficult to watch the debates, because you see someone completely unqualified, with no political experience whatsoever, who simply has the money to snatch a nomination attack a woman who, despite questionable political choices, is an incredibly educated person, has been an active politician for a years, and is incredibly versed in the topics at hand — not to mention incredibly prepared for the debates themselves. This election’s targeted sexism is baffling.

Clinton has been patient with Donald Trump’s criticisms, allowing the orange man to dig his own political grave. She’s ignored him while he has literally stalked her on stage as though she were some unknowing debutante in one of his pageants. However, she came out swinging in this debate, and was rewarded by Trump calling her “nasty woman.”

Since then, Spotify reports that sales of Janet Jackson’s classic song “Nasty” have shot up, and someone has created a remix featuring Trump’s quote.

You know what? I’m on board with this. This #NastyWoman votes, and so should you.

As with most of Trump’s nonsense, his performance in last night’s debate brought us a couple of hilarious Twitter hashtags. It seems as though nasty women are not alone and have quite a bit of support from allies out there, despite the truly nasty sexist conservatives that would have us think otherwise.

Here are some of the best #NastyWoman tweets.

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