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#ThankYouBernie Bernie Sanders Smiling

AP Photo/Jacqueline Martin.

As we await the official count — which will hopefully include the missing provisional ballots which are part of a very, very questionable “error” in the California Primary — Twitter users are saying #ThankYouBernie. The popular hashtag pays homage to one of the least expected presidential candidates of all time.

Say what you want about the race between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bernie Sanders; it has been hard fought. The two democratic candidates have brought to light desperately important issues. Regardless of who wins between Clinton and Sanders, we must be grateful for the tenacity of one little old man from Vermont (by way of Brooklyn). Both the Sanders and Clinton campaigns have energized millennials and brought a huge (yuge!) number of young voters to the polls.

Here are 12 Tweets that merely begin to touch on the impact that Sanders has made in this presidential election.

petty bernie

sarsour bernie

jill bernie

rishabh bernie

des bernie

kai bernie

khaled muslim american bernie

jerbear bernie

cupcake bernie

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