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Democracy Spring

Democracy Spring

This week the Democracy Spring movement has taken Washington, D.C.. Protesters pledge to risk arrest at the sit-in fighting against corruption and Big Money in the American government.

These acts of peaceful civil disobedience have led to well over 400 arrests thus far. The week began when a group of 150 people walked from the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia to D.C. to protest government corruption, saying that the political system is no longer for the people but merely in the pocket of Big Money corporations. A group of 85 elders were arrested on Tuesday.

The Californian organization, 99 Rise, has been at the core of Democracy Spring with Kai Newkirk leading the fight. The goal is to non-violently disrupt the status quo and force folks to discuss reform in a real way, intervening on such a grand scale that the topic can no longer be ignored, forcing folks to truly pay attention and vote in this coming presidential election.

Over 140 groups have become involved with Democracy Spring. It is not just a progressive issue: conservatives and liberals alike are calling for massive government reform. This is expected to be the largest act of civil disobedience this century so far.

You can learn more and join the fight at democracyspring.org.