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This #PussyGrabsBack

This #PussyGrabsBack

So, a war monger and a sexist, racist, human Cheetoh walk into the second presidential debate. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for the punchline.

This is the first debate since a lewd, sexually abusive statement by GOP-candidate Donald Trump which has been dubbed “Pussygate” took place. The nominee has since dismissed it as “locker room talk” and has still not given an apology.

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence has brought us, “That Mexican Thing Again,” which makes for quite the racist pairing alongside “The African Americans,” a phrase which Trump loves to whip out right before he starts discussing inner city violence. Has anyone told these men that rural and suburban Black and Latinx people exist and even thrive?

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This election cycle has been heartbreaking, infuriating, and hilarious – sometimes all at the same time. Luckily, it has given meme makers and satirists alike plenty to work with, including the most recent #Pussygate.

Here, we present the #Pussygate Twitter highlights.

Kim Boekbinder recording “Pussy Strikes Back” with Batsignal. The track is pay-what-you-can and all proceeds go to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN).

Jessica Bennett is the author of “Feminist Fight Club” and has created these great #PussyGrabsBack images to combat violence against women.

Former Daily Show correspondent turned talk show host Samantha Bee created a parody of her discussing men’s genitalia and the following satirical press release for the lewd conversation. Again, this is all satire to show what it sounds like for a woman to say the same kind of things that a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE has been caught saying.

Good point, Aisha. However, I propose this. A naked Ryan Gosling disembarks from a unicorn, which has been presented to you as a gift, in order to make out with you. You’re welcome.

Daily Show host Trevor Noah makes a point, as well.

Yep. She really just hashtagged Lysistrata.

Jokes aside, these Tweeters make very strong points that should be heard. The dismissal of this kind of speech from a presidential candidate is not just “locker room talk” especially since there has been no real apology. Dismissing it as such is gaslighting.

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