Have Fun this Weekend, Folks! Here’s How.


takara trunkshow oakland


1. Trunkshow with TAKARA Jewelry

I know you pretty well at this point and I know how much you love fabulous and unique jewelry. I bet you also like naturally dyed handmade pieces, so you are gonna swoon over the work of Portland-based designer Jen Goff. She’s in town this weekend, and she’s bringing her beautiful designs. Come check them out at Marisa Haskell Boutique, and check out Marisa’s also-awesome stuff too. And there’s beer! Jewelry and beer, we are really living the dream.

Saturday, 12-6 p.m., Marisa Haskell Boutique, 470 49th St., Oakland


elephants oakland

2. Celebrating Elephants Day

I think elephants are precious and we should definitely devote a day to celebrating them. Plus, this sounds like the cutest thing ever: there’s a mock research camp, an animal-free circus, and elephant barn tours! And I’ve already learned so much about elephants just from the Oakland Zoo’s website, like that their hearts weighs 40-60 pounds and beat 30 times a minute. And on this day you can hold an eleven pound elephant tooth and step in an elephant footprint! Admit it: you’re excited. So go to the Oakland Zoo this Saturday and learn even more about elephants because they’re awesome and cute and special. And feel good about how all the proceeds go directly to the Amboseli Trust for Elephants in Kenya, which protects the elephant herds in Amboseli National Park. Aww.
Saturday, 10 a.m.- 3 p.m., Oakland Zoo, 9777 Golf Links Rd., Oakland, $11.74-$15.75

vintage mart oakland

3. VAMP Vintage Mart

This pop-up shop has vintage clothes and accessories, plus live music and yummy food. It’s basically a dream come true for Wear Your Voice readers… and writers. They also have vintage books and records and all kinds of cool, old, interesting stuff for you vintage-loving thrifty Oaklandites. I am definitely checking this out so you should come and we can try on clothes together. I’ll be honest about how that dress looks on you if you’ll do the same for me.

Saturday, 12-7 p.m. Vamp, 331 19th St., Oakland


lake merritt run

4. Lake Merritt Joggers & Striders Fourth Sunday Run

I try to only write up events that I would personally attend myself. But I will be honest here and admit that the words “fun” and “run” do not belong together in my world. But I understand that not everyone is as lazy as I am, and some people actually like running. This run looks cool because it’s not super competitive, and you have the option of running around the lake once for a 5K, twice for a 10K, or thrice for a 15K. Everyone gets a participant ribbon and top runners get special ribbons. There is a mini-race for kids too, and that’s pretty cute. Please keep me far away from the children and the running, but if that’s your thing, you do you and I will support you. From afar.

Sunday, 9 a.m., Lake Merritt Boating Center, 568 Bellevue Ave., Oakland, $3-5