Oakland First Fridays at it again!

The streets between West Grand and 27th St. on Telegraph Ave are blocked off and the shenanigans ensue on the first Friday of every month.

My night started off at the OldSchoolCopes T-Shirt booth and ended with First Friday Follies Burlesque and Creepy Puppet Show ( boobies and giggles) at the infamous Stork Club. Wear Your Voice fully supports what Oakland First Fridays is all about. A mass of Bay Area (mainly Oaklandnites) vendors with their music, original creations and art on display as well as some tasty treats. This is when Oakland comes together for a time of fun, true freedom of expression and support of local businesses.

Old School Copes (aka Copes) was born and raised in Oakland! All of his T-shirts have a history and passion for this great city behind them. Excellent quality; silk screened, super soft and French cut, so as not to hinder your sexy. Also carrying great Spring colors like the vibrant Turquoise below.


OldSchoolCopes “I Hecka Love Oakland”. Kids were not allowed to curse in front of adults in those days. Instead they said, “What the Heck?” and “I’m having a Heck of a good time.”


I also checked out these cool Terrariums made in beautiful glass vases and hanging ornaments from Blaque Dahlia Designs.

2014-03-07 18.09.33

Blaque Dahlia Designs2014-03-07 18.09.46

After a looong night of work, I popped into the Stork Club at 24th and Telegraph for booze and boobies. First Friday Follies Burlesque never fails to entertain, inspire awe and make me wonder I haven’t been doing Burlesque all my life? These ladies and a gentlemen light the stage on fire with artful, teasing and sexy moves. They are fearless! Plus, who doesn’t like tassels? I caught up with their hilarious and delightful host Juicy D. Light and one of the performers backstage.

2014-03-07 23.19.31

Oakland First Fridays, First Friday Follies Burlesque and Creepy Puppet Show @ The Stork Club. L to R; Juicy D. Light and The Empress.

All in all, a successful night. Can’t wait until the next event. See you there!