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But first, there was a peaceful-concert watching…
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Boogaloo: noun 1. A modern dance to rock-and-roll music performed with swiveling and shuffling movements of the body, originally popular in the 1960s (according to Google dictionary)


Burger Records hosted Burger Boogaloo

this past weekend in Mosswood Park. Only able to attend one out of two of the days, sadly, I missed the lady bands of day two. On the bright side, I found two new bands to listen to. New to me, that is, a wannabe audiophile (more wanna than being): Reigning Sound and Thee Oh Sees.

Photo Credit: Burger Records

Photo Credit: Burger Records


Reigning Sound is smooth sounding and soothing, with lyrics “I waited up all night just to see you come home” while Thee Oh Sees’ singer has this funny little voice that is strangely sexy and alien at the same time, matched by some intense guitar playing and other worldly sounds, effects and screams. All I knew when he was on stage was that if this was the language of some visiting species, I wanted to be abducted.

I sat in the grass, where the MC ordered us all to go to get a popsicle, and looked around at everyone. A shiny red lycra ass was sprawled out on the umbrella-ed seating provided, hair was unruly, big sunglasses abounded and dishevelment, tattoos and piercings ruled. The distortion of Phantom Surfers adorned in matching Prince outfits wafted in, punctuating by the screams of their guitars. I sipped my four dollar iced coffee thinking this shit better make me friendly.

boogaloo popsicles and rosy

I wandered over to the stage to catch some of OFF! and one of the band members talking about his admiration for The Oh See’s John Dwyer, as well as saying that it is okay to have younger heroes. “Anyone who says we don’t need heroes,” he continues, “can go play with themselves.”





boogaloo tattoos

black and white

boogaloo styles

all black

boogaloo wild black


boogaloo i like bananas

rosy the riveter

boogaloo hair

hair colors of the rainbow


chucks and keds

boogaloo shoes


boogaloo relax

boogaloo most relaxed



boogaloo crowd boogaloo thee oh see