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We’re all broke but we all want to have fun. Luckily, Oakland’s got your back. Here are four ways to have a good time with your empty wallet.

Source: flickr.com

Source: flickr.com

1. First Friday/Saturday Art Crawl

Yeah, duh, we all know about First Friday but it’s worth reminding you because it’s free and fun. Check out local art and music and dance your ass off in the streets. If you have a little cash, you can find drinks and food for around $5. If First Friday is too crowded and over-stimulating for you, you can also check out Saturday Stroll, where you can quietly check out teh galleries every Saturday frm 1-5 p.m. Every 3rd Saturday features a free Gallery District Walking Tour from 3-5 p.m. Get details here.


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2. Fun Cheap

You know about this, right? Because everyone does? Oh, you don’t? Oh my gosh, you are gonna be so stoked! Johnny Funcheap lists the funnest, coolest, cheapest events in the Bay Area, from comedy to theatre to music to a re-enactment walking tour of Emperor Norton’s final stroll. Fun Cheap is guaranteed to give you lots of fun without taking any (or much) money in return.

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3. Happy Hours/Dive Bars 

Happy Hour is the beloved solution of broke alcoholics everywhere! I went to the White Horse Happy Hour recently and my tequila and soda was $3. It might’ve even been $2. However many dollars, it was ridiculously cheap. Heart & Dagger is my favorite Oakland dive. Their happy hour is kinda lame (only 50 cents off drinks) but their drinks are always cheap so it works out. Stop in for a $4 mimosa or tequila shot.

White Horse at 6551 Telegraph Ave/Heart & Dagger at 504 Lake Park Ave

My week is not complete without a strawberry mimosa from Lakeshore.

My week is not complete without a strawberry mimosa from Lakeshore.


4. Lakeshore Cafe Brunch

I almost don’t want to tell you about this place because it’s my favorite and it’s already so popular but I love you and I’ll share my knowledge. Lakeshore is famed for their $2.95 mimosas and their delicious $7.95-$12.95(ish) entrees. Where else can you get brunch for two, with drinks, for a measly $40 total? I eat at Lakeshore at least once a week… writing about it right now is tempting me to go have a weekday brunch by myself but I’ll be responsible and make food at home instead.

Lakeshore is located at 3257 Lakeshore Ave. and is open daily from 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.