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HOW TO Friday Oakland Style: TRY SOMETHING NEW! 

oakland broadway mural

You can still go to your favorite bar and hit on the same people who get too drunk to remember to ask for your number, or ask for it but then get too drunk to remember they have it and actually call, but first, do something useful with yourself. Try something you haven’t tried before. Express yourself. Expose yourself. There are so many events in Oakland, from Art Installations, to Circus Performances to Meditation Circles to Cuddle Parties. Do something that takes you to your edge.

Option 1: Tell an Oakland Story

Leave work early (maybe this is a first for you. If so, congratulate yourself for a boundary set. You work too many hours and play way too few) and head over to the Peralta Hacienda Historical Park Museum to catch the visual and audio installation, What I Hear, I Keep: Stories from Oakland’s Griots. Tell a story of your own tonight.
2465 34th Ave., Oakland

Option 2: Salsa Downtown!

Learn to Salsa! It is fun! Even if you look like an ass, it feels awesome! Either way, you win.
6 or 7:30 PM
Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts
1428 Alice St., Oakland

Option 3: Get Naked in Piedmont!

Expose yourself to yourself. Go to the hot tubs on Piedmont Ave and get naked with you. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to work on being more comfortable in your own skin. Perhaps tonight’s the night…
Piedmont Springs
3939 Piedmont Ave
Reservations taken until 10PM

Option 4: Trade an Oakland Hipster for an SF Hipster

NIGHTSCHOOL BEGINS! What is Nightschool you ask? Its a hipster swap. Our Temescal Hipsters for your Mission Hipsters and visa versa. Some enterprising motherfuckers decided to provide a drunk bus for those who want to party across the bay from where they live, but get home safely and inexpensively. This may not be a first that represents a move in an upward direction, but hey, a first is a first.

Option 5: Learn to Breathe by Lake Merritt

oakland daily photo lake merrritt
Attend a Free Holotropic Breathwork Talk to find out what the hell Holotropic Breathwork is and how it can be used to heal.
Lake Merrit United Methodist Church
1255 First avenue, Oakland, CA (map)

Option 6: Pop your OM cherry at the first ever East Bay OMers Talent Show and Orgasmic Open Mic!

Art by Zachary Sweet

Art by Zachary Sweet

OMing, or Orgasmic Meditation is a mindfulness practice centered around the stroking of a woman’s clitorus, a sort of a clit-worshipping epidemic that is hitting the bay area hard.
Temescal Arts Center
511 48th St.
RSVP if you want to perform

Option 7: Dance to 2000’s Indie Hits with Nostalgia!

Jurrasic park oakland daily photo

Whhhhaaat??? We can be nostalgic about something from the future? That’s right folks. We are in the space age. Head on over to Last Nite: A 2000’s Indie Dance Party
Night Light
10 PM
$5 before 11PM
311 Broadway, Oakland

Option 8: DIY

What have you been wanting to try, but haven’t bolstered up the courage yet? It could be anything. Perhaps you do the same things, but with more confidence in yourself. Maybe you try something you don’t want to admit to anyone. Big or small, make this your weekend. You’ve got an extra day to recover. Why the hell not?