The DIY event you can’t miss. DEADFEST is unlike any music fest you’ve been to. August 15th and 16th. Two days, gourmet vegan food and a melting pot of genres with bands that will change your whole perspective on music. $20.00 each day, ALL AGES at the Oakland Metro Opera House.


This is the fourth year a grinder by the name of Gregg Paiva is bringing DEADFEST to the Oakland community. His attitude is “DIY till you die” no corporate sponsorship of any kind. He works tirelessly throughout the year confirming bands and working overtime to make the extra bacon needed to make this happen. One of the things that sets this fest apart is the variety. It’s not strictly a Black Metal or Punk or Thrash show, etc. DEADFEST brings you something from each world. With scorching 15-20 min sets and two rooms, you never miss a set and never have to suffer the tedium of a 45 min set from a band you don’t dig.

Did I mention the food?! Chef Rachel Aronow, previously featured as BAD ASS OF THE WEEK will be catering this event. Check out the best menu you’ve ever seen at a music fest:

Deadfest 2014 Menu:

Eat My Taco:

1. (Vegan) Mojo braised tofu with seasonal greens, heirloom tomatoes, heritage pepper confit, and key lime crema.

2. Bulgolgi style carnitas with seasonal greens, heirloom tomatoes, Asian pear, and cilantro aioli.

3. Chipotle bourbon grilled chicken with seasonal greens, heirloom tomatoes, shishito pepper relish, and smoked maple aioli.

(Vegan) Cajun style black beans with sweet corn and peppers.

(Vegan) California dirty Rice.


Assorted goodies for friends with munchies.


Come head bang with the weirdos of Oakland. Eat gourmet tacos and listen to bands you might have never otherwise had the chance to see. Let loose, man. Buy your tickets in advance here:

*Available at the door as well, no additional charge