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I spoke briefly with Sarah Moshman about her brain child ‘The Empowerment Project’.

Before we get started let me share some insight one entrepreneur to another.

There is something that all entrepreneurs have in common.

Our ideas and thoughts may vary dramatically, but there will and always will be a consistent feeling. ”Frustration”.
It is that moment of frustration as an entrepreneur that you need to hold on to in order to make the impact you wish to make to get the results you desire. That’s your edge, that’s your passion.

When I shared with Sarah how Wear Your Voice came about she expressed the same annoyance and frustration and rather than sit back and do nothing, she took action.

”This project came from a frustration similar to yours about the media, and feeling like I had the skills to make content that is positive, uplifting, and inspiring for women of all ages. I dropped everything a year a half ago to make this dream come true. That included a 60 day kickstarter where we raised $28,590, months of pre-production, a month on the road driving over 7,000 miles to interview 17 different incredibly strong career women and then 6+ months in post production completing it about 2 months ago. It has been an incredibly empowering experience for me as a woman and as a filmmaker that I am thrilled we are starting to empower others through viewing this documentary. It’s a movement!”
It doesn’t stop here with this amazing woman, stay tuned for an interview.

Wear Your Voice will be at The New Parkway Theatre tonight, Thursday July 17th, capturing every moment! Camp Reel Stories invites you to attend the Bay Area Premiere of ”The Empowerment Project” at the The New Parkway Theater. WYV will be there capturing every moment of a woman empowered!

$10 at the door
Here is a little something to get your imagination going and your curiosity spiked!
Here is the trailer for The Empowerment Project: http://indieflix.com/empowermentproject
Reactions to Empowerment Project: http://youtu.be/2w0vtSFEu-I
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