holloween gentrification

1. Consciousness

2. Participation in Social Organizing

3. Advocating for Policy Changes that Support Equality

4. Art & Creativity

5. Starting a Conversation


1. Consciousness starts with inquiry.

Check out Causa Justa, a grassroots org made up of people of all races, with a focus on community leadership building in the service of finding justice for low-income residents of Oakland and SF.

Causa Justa teamed up with Alameda County Public Health Department to compile a very thorough analysis of the effects of Gentrification in the Bay Area on lower income people of color, as a counter to the often publicized view that gentrification is good or harmless. Read the report here.

2. Participation in Social Organizing can begin as attendance at an event.

Causa Justa is always looking for Volunteers.


Find an organization that speaks to you and volunteer at it!
Check out Tara Ramanathan’s experience.

3. Advocating for Policy Changes that support Equality

Go to the Foreclosure Prevention Group in East Oakland on a Wednesday night. Email roobie@cjjc.org for more info.

Check out current and recent legislation and campaigns.

4. Art & Creativity: Express the issues of Gentrification through Art.

oakland skullhead

A.Nzinga expresses herself through her writing and art. “Welcome to West Oakland: home of the Lower Bottom Playaz. Here is where I practice art that I hope helps to enable a community literacy that fosters participants’ ability to author self-determined futures,” she writes on her blog.

5. Start a Conversation.

Getting involved may look like sitting behind a computer or a smart phone and reading up on some history and some current happenings.

Start with Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “The Case for Reparations” and his more recent “A Hard Look at Gentrification.”
Or start a conversation without uttering a word by wearing a social justice t-shirt .