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This spring, I had a photo shoot with

KICK ASS women drummers RhythmMuse

I was super inspired by their DIY power and sat down with member Maliyah Coye to get the scoop.

How long have you been drumming and what started you playing music?
I started drumming my senior year in High School. I was a performer in this event celebrating  International Women’s Day in SF. One of the groups in the show was an all women’s drum ensemble, and I when I saw them perform I was in awe. They were fierce, beautiful, and the piece they performed was dynamic and powerful, later in the year I auditioned to be in their group, I ‘ve been drumming ever since.
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Can you explain a little about the RhythmMuse project?  Where did the inspiration start?
RhythmMuse reflects the Bay Area’s rich and diverse culture, embodying various musical genres rooted in Brazil, Cuba, Africa and the U.S. RhythmMuse fuses traditional sounds with contemporary hip-hop, funk, and R&B beats and matches its vibrant and powerful sound with graceful movements and choreography. The project is really geared to making visible how powerful women can be as drummers, when historically women have been forbidden to play the drums.
We all share the same inspiration, we wanted to use movement, art and music as tools of empowerment and healing. We hope that RhythmMuse can affect positive change in the community and world at large by sharing the love, beauty and strength of women.
How do you create your performances?  Is it collaborative?
Heather Watkins, who is an amazing musician, vocalist, and dancer leads the choreography but we all contribute to the artistic vision of the group. We all are artists in different ways so each member contributes to the larger vision. We wanted the group to feel like a band where each person has artistic ownership verses having a band leader, or maestra.
Whats coming up in the future for RhythmMuse?
Performances!! We are working on creating a sound that is unique to our group, we have spent the last couple months writing and practicing new music but we are really close to debuting our work soon!