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Editor’s Note: Every Monday, Wear Your Voice highlights an artist that is radically unapologetic and boldly wears their voice. This week, we share with you the magical world of Maya Songbird, an Oakland based artist who continues to push boundaries and stay true to herself. Follow Maya on FacebookTwitterSoundcloud. Stay in the loop at mayasongbird.com. All images: Leon “Dnas” Sykes

 Maya’s Latest Album, Writing My Life, first streamed exclusively on Bad Girl Confidence.

We sat down with Maya Songbird this week to talk music, style, and wearing your voice.

Wear Your Voice: How would you describe your musical style? 

Maya Songbird: I would say my musical style is pretty Avant-Garde. I have no box in my magical world of creativity and I touch on any subject– I bounce around across dimensions of genres. I can get pretty wild, but I always remain Regal.


WYV: What are your musical influences?

MS: Music of Yesterday. I am pretty grunge and dark, a bit whimsical. However, I do enjoy Classic Jazz sounds and a lot of 80’s Electric. Can’t see my life existing without The Whispers and The Isley Brothers. I enjoy music with Layers that unfold as you dive in with your ears. I’m always up for the journey to explore and hear.


WYV: How long have you been singing?

MS: My whole life. Well, since the age of 4. That is when I discovered my voice and I showed my family my talent. My dad bought me a kid mic and PA shindig and my friends would come over, even though I was always a mic hog. I also got my first taste of performance at 4 when my mom had me sing to the choir director and she cast me as Miriam in the church play. I got to sing ,act, and play the tambourine.



WYV: Who is your dream music collaborator?

MS: Can I really make a musical wish right now? Me’shell Ndegeocello. Someone please tell Me’shell how much I love her. She touches my heart so much and was born in November, like me.


WYV: If you could open for any musical artist or group, who would it be?

MS: Gonna roll that musical wish dice again. Hmm, The Whispers! Oh my God. Little Maya would love  that so much. They are coming to town on 11/28. It would be a dream come true!


WYV: How do you Wear Your Voice?

MS: I Wear My Voice every time I open my mouth because I am a Sagittarius lady and we tend to speak before thinking!  I make sure to wear my voice everyday I exist on this Green and Blue globe via Music, Film, Wearable art, and my peculiar clothing selection. Also, you can find me putting my foot in my mouth daily on social media. I wouldn’t see my life worth living without wearing my voice because I hate to see how many injustices fly here. It is, like, so unreal how injustice is the norm. I am constantly fighting for my rights, your rights, the rights of cats, the rights of black cats, the rights of women and trans women, and most importantly the rights of BLACKS. I also really dislike that we live in a world that has poverty and I feel fame and ego should be done away with.  Born with my super hero cape and heart on my shoulder (literally– I have a heart birthmark on my shoulder), I take on the world, daily. Maya is never afraid to speak and I can’t wait for the day where all are free to wear their voice. Thank the heavens for Wear Your Voice Magazine. You are changing the world, one voice at a time.

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WYV: Is there anything else you want WYV readers to know?

MS: In addition to dropping my full length debut, “Writing My Life” produced by Trippy Sanders, I will be making my first local Label debut on Ratskin Records with a three song ep titled “Queen Of Darkness,” which makes for a cool Acronym #QOD. I produced one of the songs on the project which was pretty experimental and a serious “go, Maya!” moment.

I also have some fun, upcoming expansions further into the film world under my own entertainment company, “Wired Weird Ent…” I have been directing and editing my own videos for some years now (with the exception of four videos). So, to be fully moving forward with my own Entertainment company; well, the world better be ready to board the spaceship to Planet Birdie. It is out of this world and fully Outrageous. Check out some of my video work here at vimeo.