So last week, we all bore witness to the now iconic photo of Kim Kardashian baring it all in the latest issue of Paper magazine, that was an effort in attempts to #BreaktheInternet.

In the same week, a rover managed to land itself on a comet (a truly iconic moment in history), Taylor Swift released a new album that (SHOCKER/finally) wasn’t about her “long list of ex-lovers” (not “lonely Starbucks lovers”. You’re welcome.), and most importantly, the creators of the Emoji app are finally giving the people what they want: TACO EMOJIS FOR EVERYONE!

However, even with the interwebs afflutter with all  this fantastical news, no one seemed to expect the reigning Queen of all things social media centric and pop culturally driven to come from behind and manage to steal the spotlight yet again  quite like the one and only Beyonce.


So what did Queen Bey deliver to us this year just in time for the holiday season???


This video has been making its rounds and put Taylor Swift, Kim K and that silly little comet rover in their rightful place: in your browser history.

The video was accompanied by the news of a re-release of the mega-hit self-titled album, as one of two new tracks on the platinum edition album (the other a surprisingly prolific song about her parents marriage and its effects on her outlook on marriage and motherhood), along with 3 remixes including our personal #WYV anthem “***FLAWLESS feat. Nicki Minaj.

This particular video for “7/11” is the epitome of internet culture.

It appears as if it was shot as a 3 minute and 37 second Vine video. The rhythm is infectious, the lyrics nonsensical, and the overall tone of the song and video is blissfully fun. Bey always knows how to make her audience feel like her home girls, and that’s why we love her.

She manages to get us time and time again, and we’re so thankful she does, if not for our own pleasure, than just to show the rest of the internet just how it’s done.

Here are 5 more times that Beyonce has managed to #BreaktheInternet and our entire pop culture minds:



You remember when she performed Love on Top at the 2012 MTV VMAs and showed off her baby bump for the first time? Or when there was hella speculation on her pregnancy being legitimate? Or the time she received the Video Vanguard Award at this last year’s MTV VMAs and was presented not only with the award but her husband and Blue Ivy herself? It’s safe to say that kid has contributed to a few circuits shorting out somewhere in the world with all the cyber space she’s taken up.


That Pepsi ad tho! The first time we heard “Grown Woman” was in that Super Bowl Pepsi ad. The ad that was to signify her performance at the half-time show. The half-time show that re-united the member’s of Destiny’s Child (not that that doesn’t happen every once in a while, but still!), sampled some of her best songs from her previous album and gave us one of the greatest performances in a long history of shitty Super Bowl half-time shows. (Let’s be honest, Madonna wasn’t that great, and she brought out THREE special guest performers.)



Uhmmmm the album that took the internet by storm, and the reason we’re even talking about this re-release right now.You were there. You remember. You hyperventilated a little. It’s ok. We’re moving on.



Oh yeah, remember when the Mrs. Carter Tour somehow magically turned into the On The Run tour and was basically going to be two concerts for the price of one due to the appearance of rapper hubby Jay-Z? Yeah, combined, both tours grossed the power couple almost $300million in ticket sales for 2014.  Also, she brought the most joy to us here in the Bay area by closing out her American leg of the On The Run tour by playing not only one, but two shows at SF’s AT&T park. You know some of y’all were in Jack London Square jamming out to it. It was THAT epic.



And then of course… there was this.

So we here at #WYV would like to tip our hat to the reigning Queen of the internet (and let’s face it, just all of womankind at the moment) for #BreakingtheInternet with style, grace, innovation, creativity and with (mostly) all of her clothes on.


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