Savior Barbie is here for your African babies.

Barbie Savior is here for your African babies.

There’s a new parody Instagram account in town and its name is Barbie Savior. She’s bumped Socality Barbie out of the way and is here to show you her exploits as she volunteer-cations in all of the hip places for those with white savior complexes whose heart just isn’t into going all the way with Peace Corps or actually getting an MSW.  That’s too much actual work and commitment! (Uh, like, FOMO is a thing…) Instead, they just take a vacation with a million selfies with locals so that they can feel better about themselves and seek the approval of those around them.

Bless their hearts.

Bless their hearts.

Barbie Savior is here to save all of the black and brown babies of the world — bless their little Third World hearts.

"Namaste, y'all. "

“Namaste, y’all.”