Bark'N'Borrow is the new Tindr for dog-borrowing!

Bark’N’Borrow is the new Tinder for dog-borrowing! (Creative Commons license)

Craving some puppy time? Check out this new app, Bark’N’Borrow. It’s designed to connect dog owners with pet sitters and also allow pet sitters to advertise. Borrowers can hang out with needy pups who just need a little more love and people time than the average pooch.

Those in the Los Angeles area can use Bark’N’Borrow to be connected with the city’s no-kill shelter and spend time with lonely shelter dogs in need of love and attention.

Liam Berkeley, the CEO of Bark’N’Borrow, said, “There are nearly 4 million homeless dogs in shelters across the U.S. who are in desperate need of care and a permanent home. We’re excited to work with NKLA to bring more attention to their adoptable dogs and to offer our users the ability to meet these incredible animals with the goal of long-term adoptions.”

The app is a great opportunity to check out different dog breeds and find out what personality types you click with. “A lot of our users are currently waiting to find the right kind of dog to adopt, and in the meantime are excited to borrow to see which breed suits their lifestyle,” Berkeley says.

Not only could this app save some dogs from excessive time in shelters, but imagine the possibilities for elders and sick folks. They not only gain hope and love from animals but also see improvements in their health as a direct result. That’s nothing to sniff at!