Inspired by Gina’s beer post, I decided to write up a little guide.. Not only am I  ‘#sweatpantgirl‘ but I am also ‘#glutenfreelady’ and sometimes you gotta have a special snack– one that doesn’t involve rice cakes..  Oakland is pretty friendly to these sorts of things— but sometimes the gluten-free option can taste like stale cardboard– So without further ado…..

4.  Gluten Free Arepa Bun Hamburgers at Victory Burger.  Victory Burger Located adjacent from the Actual Cafe on San Pablo Ave.  If I am ever craving a burger, this place is the jam.  All of their meat is sourced from local, cow friendly places– which is important to me as a former vegetarian.  You can get regular buns if you are a gluten lover– but the crispy cornmeal on the outside, soft on the inside arepa bun–I think is even better.

3.  Gluten Free Savory Crepe at Barkada.  Barkada is located in Temescal, near the bart on Telegraph.  They have a bunch of options but–  This bad boy crepe is  light and fluffy– stuffed with eggs, spinach, onions, meat/cheeseoptional– served with  salad and a killer zesty lemon sauce.

2. Gluten Free Brownie from Mariposa.   Mariposa is an all gluten free bakery located in Temescal near 55th.  This is my favorite place to bring GF out of towners, as they have all kinds of baked goods.  But the stand out to me is their BROWNIE.  It’s super chocolatey, rich, and chewy.  I don’t think the casual consumer would have any idea it was GF.

1.  The MUFFINS at Arizmendi. Holy crap, this is the best GF muffin in the world.  They perfected the fluffy moistness that is essential to a good muffin.  Arizmendi is also super rad as they are a worker owend co-op, which makes me want to spend my muffin money their even more. They have two east Bay locations– one near Lake Merritt (which serves blueberry corn flavor)  and one on San Pablo ( which serves pumpkin praline)