This week’s Badass: Rosie Morales

Making it happen: Talking about art and sharing life experiences. We’ve all felt underwhelmed by life; Rosie didn’t let that keep her down. She sought inspiration across oceans.

Currently showing: Pinball mural in the “Pinball Museum” of Alameda

Pinball mural

Graduate student of SFAI “San Francisco Art Institute” in North Beach.  She is currently working as a freelance artist & odd jobber for local artists throughout Alameda County.  She scored a sweet live/work space in the industrial setting of East Oakland and is living in her art with her two amazing *and adorable* dogs.

For 2 ½ years after school, Rosie worked with non-profit “Rythmix Cultural Center” in Alameda. A jack of all trades, she put in long hours cleaning/painting/performing, whatever needed to be done to hold successful events for the community. While working for Rythmix she taught young ladies ages 7-12 how to express themselves creatively through different workshops. Empowering them to find their creative outlet and run with it; be it through fashion design, drawing, or painting.

Like so many post grad students trying to make a living after school, she felt as though she had lost…a bit of the ol’ flame. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and under inspired when your time is dedicated to paying the rent; leaving you with little to no time for your creative endeavors. As rewarding as her experience was working with the kids, she started feeling…stagnant in her creative pursuits.

Rosie comes from a long line of strong women who shape their worlds; not simply live in them. She didn’t accept defeat very long. After a birthright trip to Israel and a recent trip to see family in Guatemala, she has been inspired by the women in her life to pull up her damn boot straps and start living life for herself. A third wave feminist, she looked around at the single, amazing, strong women in her family and realized:

”If you aren’t inspired by your environment; if you find yourself judging your surroundings without finding anything positive, you need to make a change…they did it; so can I”

She has.

Surrounding herself with like-minded people she has somehow found a way to balance the responsibilities of work, two dogs and the need to create art for self. It takes a lot of coffee and affords little to no sleep, but she’s doin’ it.

Most recently inspired by the 70’s revival of Murals throughout the bay area, her most recent work showing is a mural at the “Pinball museum” in Alameda.

-What is it about drawing/painting a mural that gets you so jazzed?

“There’s a feeling of accomplishment that follows covering such a large space…Murals can take days, weeks, months. When you’re done you get the feeling of: Yes dude, I’m IN IT. I’m IN my art, I’m here with it…it is part of this place, not merely a movable painting on the wall”

Rosie is working her ass off, tryin’ to do the damn thing. She’s an inspiring one woman show of determination and hard work. She recognized a need for change within herself and her surroundings, so she did whatever it took to make that change happen. Kudos, lady. May we all be so inspired…

Rosie Morales

Tumblr: rsmorales

Instagram: ro_mo_rallies