Alright people, this is a PSA: a holy grail beauty/skincare/wellness/anything else you could possibly think of product exists. It really does. And no, it doesn’t come with a hefty price tag or fancy brand name. In fact, you can pick it up at pretty much any grocery store and probably drug store. Drum roll please: Apple cider vinegar (ACV).

Apple Cider Vinegar



I know what you might be thinking– “oh, this is one of those trends like kale or pressed juices.” No. Just no. ACV has amazing results on just about anything you use it on. I know I also probably sound crazy, like your friend who has been pushing you to go to yoga with them or go on a juicing diet for “just one week,” but I’m telling you and you just have to trust me on this one– ACV is a product of wonders.

Things ACV can be used for: a glowing complexion, soothing a sore throat, detoxing, cleaning, etc. (I’ll go into these benefits in a bit). Things ACV cannot be used for: instantly dropping 5 pounds like magic, a regular drink, a perfume (seriously, this stuff smells bad).

Alright down to the good stuff. Here are a few of the things I regularly use ACV for, even if it’s to the chagrin of my roommates or those around me (bad smell, remember?):

Apple Cider Vinegar

That weird stuff in the jar is what’s known as the “mother”– it is actually packed with nutrients!


I pretty much don’t even bother buying store-bought toner anymore, unless it’s plain witch hazel or the Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner. That’s because of apple cider vinegar. My mom (a major natural product proponent) introduced me to a fan-fav tutorial from BubzBeauty on YouTube and I haven’t looked back since. This recipe requires stuff you might have in your kitchen already: green tea, olive oil, and of course ACV. Bonus: by adding sugar and honey, you can even make a kick ass facial mask. This toner/mask has benefits such as breaking down scar tissue, refining pores, brightening/detoxing the skin, and reducing blemishes. Could you ask for anything more?!


Foodie Stuff

I have a major savory tooth (is that a thing?!). Salt and Vinegar are my go-to chips,  I dip everything in balsamic vinegar, and I’d eat my mom’s chicken adobo for dinner every night if I had it my way/wouldn’t keel over and die from dehydration or a salt overdose if that even exists. So when I discovered a recipe for Salt and Vinegar popcorn using ACV and my other favorite holy grail product, coconut oil,  I was over the moon. You can also use ACV for salad dressing like this honey vinegaratte. And there are countless of other recipes that use ACV as a healthier substitute for a tangy kick.


Shiny Hair

Yup, ACV can be used to achieve that glowy hurr that you only thought was possible after a trip to the salon. Why? Apple cider vinegar works on hair by closing the cuticle which allows for light to reflect off of it easier, making your head essentially a disco ball of healthy strands. Apparently Jessica Alba swears by this, and I swear by Jessica Alba because jeez, that woman is a goddess. Try this recipe for a mask but make sure you try it on a day you have time to really wash the scent out. There are also tons of recipes for a simple hair rinse using ACV which might be a better option if you’re pressed for time.


All-Purpose Cleaner

A lot of the cleaners you can buy from the store are chalk full of ingredients that are terrible any creatures in your household that you may care about– pups, kitties, little ones, yourself, grandma, etc. It can be overwhelming to find products to keep your crib spotless without harming the environment and aforementioned creatures but fear not– ACV has a cure for that too. This simple recipe can help to fight hidden house ick. Yeah sure, it may not smell the best, but neither does bleach and the smell will fade– I promise!



I already mentioned that apple cider vinegar is not a magical cure to lose weight or anything like that (those don’t exist!). BUT ACV concoctions can make for a great detox when your body is feeling lethargic and bleh. I tried this for a week and felt immediate results. I was noticeably more energized (I took the first few days to gasp, not drink coffee!) and felt less bloated. My ACV cocktail didn’t taste as bad as I thought it would, until I got down to the very bottom of the glass which is how it usually goes, right? It actually reminded me a bit of my childhood when I used to eat those Pelon Mexican chili candies all the time! I used this recipe and drank it every morning for a week. A word of caution: please don’t drink ACV on its own as it can upset your stomach. It’s still super acetic after all! Also try a variated mix of that recipe with green tea for a sore throat soother and lost voice remedy when you catch a bad bug.




Despite its strong scent, apparently ACV makes for a great natural deodorant. With all of the studies lately warning against the use of store-bought antiperspirants due to harmful chemicals such as aluminum and parabens, a lot of natural mavens are jumping ship and DIYing their deodorant instead. I can’t attest to the smell attribute of ACV deodorant as I haven’t had the gall to try it yet, but in theory it makes a lot of sense. You just take a cotton ball dunked in ACV and rub it on your pits and due to its alkalizing qualities, it balances the pH. If anyone has tried this, please leave me a comment and let me know about your experience with this!


So I could probably go on to write a book of all the different uses for apple cider vinegar. And I’m sure someone already has. ACV has worked wonders for me and I triple dog dare you to try it too. now you have to, that was a triple dog dare. Leave me comments with your favorite ACV uses or your experiences with it!

Featured Photo: Flickr user Martin Gommel via Creative Commons