Featured Photo: Dance Anywhere

Only in our third month of the year, Oakland residents have much to celebrate. From the minimum wage increase to one of the top cities in the nation for working women, Oakland has propelled itself from San Francisco’s neglected stepsister to the poster child for all things amazing.  Lately, everyone wants in on the sunnier side of the Bay. (and we’ve got the rent hikes to prove it). We’ve always known Oakland’s been the true gem of the Bay, but we’re glad to see the rest of the world finally singing the same tune.

What would it look like if every Oakland resident stopped everything they were doing to get up and dance? This Friday, March 27 at noon, Dance Anywhere is challenging you to do just that–whether you’re at work or on BART, stop what you’re doing (keeping safety in mind), and get up and dance!

If you’re worried that you’ll look silly doing it, find comfort that you’re not alone, Dance Anywhere is an annual event spanning 7 continents, uniting over 65 countries and more than 650 cities thousands across the world will be dancing with you in solidarity to promote Dance Anywhere’s vision of community building, art inclusivity to everyone, regardless of age, income or artistic capability. Founded by artists Beth Fein in 1995, 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of Dance Anywhere, and there will be various locations throughout the Bay where you can check out some staged performances.

Getting down with AC Transit for 2014’s Dance Anywhere annual event

If you need a few reminders as to why you should dance, here’s a list of 11 Oakland moments that make you want to break out into your happy dance. Because every moment, even the most mundane, are always reasons to celebrate.



1. When You Make It To Happy Hour After Your Boss Lets You Leave Early.


2. When You Find A Friend With A Car.

3. When You Find Out Your Favorite Artist Will Be Playing at the Fox.

4.When Oaklandish has their  annual Warehouse Super Sale.

5.When You Found an Apartment You Could Afford (and got approved).

6. When Oakland Became the City With the Highest Minimum Wage In The Country.

7. When Your BART Train Comes At The Same Exact Moment As You. 
Marcelo_Gomes_Dancers_Among_Us_American_Ballet_Theater (1)

8. When Parking Enforcement Doesn’t Notice Your Meter Expired.


9. When You Realize The Redwoods are just 15 minutes from Downtown. 

10. When You Finally Found A Cafe That’s Open Late.


11. And When You Wake Up Early Enough To Get To Grand Lake Farmers Market Before Shit Gets Crazy.

These photos are courtesy of Jordan Matter, a New York based photographer, from his project  Dancers Among Us.  Inspired after watching his son play with his toy bus, Matter wanted to capture his son’s world of imagination and creativity through his lens, and born was Dancers Among Us. “The people in the images [are] alive and in the moment, celebrating all aspects and emotions of everyday life,” says Matter. “You just allow the environment to inspire you to an idea.”