Bettino Gallery

Bettino Gallery

May 2nd 1967

was the day that Black Panther Party members marched on Sacramento in defense of their right to bear arms. In 1968, May 2nd was a day of revolutionary protest against the arrest of Huey Lewis and a call to all people to unite in the push to liberate black people from the societal inequities they were still enduring. Oakland is where the Black Panther Party started; at Merritt College, to be precise. On May 2nd, 1968, Panthers and supporters rallied at DeFemery Park in Oakland.

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Whatever you do today, remember the history of Oakland.

Perhaps you will be at First Friday, mingling in the streets. Here are several other ways to

appreciate the community you live in:

Community Meditation, Reading & Vegan Meal

at Casa De Paz


a summer solstice dance party with a secret location to be announced the day of on their webpage:

17 Jewel and Spa’s Event

featuring Laced Cakes Bakery’s wares (un-weeded). Rumor has it there was an absinthe booth last time…If you want to meet Shortney WYV writer this is where you’ll find her right here!


Homestead Apothecary’s

syrup and cordial tasting with  Frieda Kipar


by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh at Bettino Gallery.

A Three Day BBQ Event

with music and art!