I know I’ve been promising you stories upon stories about how B_ and I fell in love, and I assure you, I’ll get back to them, but I’ve got some fresh gossip, and here it is: The other night B_ and I fooled around! And I had so much fun! And yes, I have thought it through very thoroughly. And after much deliberation, I realized it was a mighty fine idea, actually — so right was I. And I think it’ll definitely happen again. And I think that’s a mighty fine idea, too. And while it may sound like a not so great idea on paper (or screen, as it were), I trust in my gut and I trust in my heart, and when asked, “Hey gut, hey heart — should I get busy with B_?”, both gut and heart sang a resounding, “Get it on, girl!” Then, for whatever reason, they start singing ‘Shake Your Grove Thing’ by Peaches & Herb, which isn’t even a song my brain particularly fancies, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and evidently my heart and gut want me to shake my grove thing, shake my groove thing, yeah yeah, for B_ in some upcoming article. So, stay tuned.

Anyways, it all started with a photo of a dog with a dick pic on it’s lower back — a tramp stamp, if you will. I sent B_ a text with an online link to a post about dogs with unusual and remarkable coats, asking him which one he thought reminded me of him. His first guess was wrong — a dog with a perfect heart shape framing it’s asshole. Not a bad guess — especially because his own ass features a heart, self-branded on his right cheek back when he worked as a dental lab technician in the army. Side note; when I told my sister he had a heart branded on his ass she said, “Of course he does.”

But no, the dachshund/corgi mix that made me want to wake B_ up with some of God’s more quirky doggie paint jobs has a clear-as-day cock-and-balls on this back and ass cheeks. B_ guessed the cock-and-balls mutt next, and several minutes later he suggested we have a sleepover soon. When I asked him why he was suggesting that, all of a sudden, he replied, “For some reason that dog pic made me think of being inside and behind you.” How romantic.

IMG_8495-1Well, well, well, I thought. Fuckin’ finally! You see, I’d always assumed that after our breakup B_ and I would hook up every now and again until one or the other of us got into a new relationship. And when we first broke up, it seemed like that would be the case, but when I returned from Christmas at the P’s, B_ cut me off.

I could understand the many reasons refraining from sleepovers and such could be best for the longevity of our friendship, of course, but it didn’t seem very fair. I had never fully understood why B_ and I had broken up so much earlier than expected, and I’d felt insecurities about him losing his attraction towards me. One night, when thoroughly drunk, he invited me to spend the night. I wanted to, but declined because I felt like I’d be taking advantage of him. It was the first time I’d found myself in the position to potentially take advantage of someone sexually due to drunkenness, which was an odd feeling. So when B_ brought up the possibility of a little rendezvous, I was excited, but somewhat surprised, and not all-together thrilled that the impetus had been a cock-and-balls-marked dog.

I thought about it long and hard — pun intended.

I had thought about him being long and hard and behind and inside me countless times since he had been. But why now, all of sudden? He’d known that I missed him and would’ve gladly given it up to him to for months, so what had changed? Had we crossed some invisible threshold, beyond which we could get down without jeopardizing our friendship. I sure as fuck hoped so! And I and I still do…

Stay tuned for the sweet deets!