Here’s How Social Media Responded to the 4th of July:

Image Credit: Mo Kessler, used with permission


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Those who brought up the irony of Blacks celebrating the holiday:

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Image created by artist Bamoozie

Or the fact that Blacks are still terrorized in America:

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Center painting by Bamoozie

Many shared Fredrick Douglass’ iconic poem “What to the Slave is the 4th of July?”

Image via Mo Kessler

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(If you haven’t heard James Earl Jones reciting the poem on Democracy Now!, it’s definitely worth a listen). 

 And Suheir Hammad‘s poem We Spent the 4th of July in Bed:

Usher also kept it real in an epic way at the Essence Music Festival:

Others pointed out that their 4th of July Celebrations had little to do with the actual holiday:


And lest we not forget Independence Day is really just a celebration of Indigenous peoples’ genocide:

Or that all that glitters isn’t gold to everyone: