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Bad Ass of the week: Brittany Tilleman


Sharing stories of success from owner of “YBR Promotions” and “Culture Vulture”. Dj’s, entertainers, club owners and partiers alike, read on. If you don’t already know Brittany Tilleman you must be living in a pineapple under the sea.

Where to start, dude? Brittany is an entrepreneur, innovator, warrior, and mother. This piece is a bit personal for me. Brittany was my boss for 2 years and is still someone I feel honored to call my friend. Having not only worked for her but watched her work as well, I have always looked up to her and what she is able to accomplish. I don’t think there’s anything this woman isn’t capable of. Brittany started YBR Promotions 13 years ago and hasn’t looked back. Mentor Chris Smith, owner of OM records and co-owner of Monarch Club in SF helped shape/inspire her businesses while working with him from 2000-2003.

“I admired the way that I saw him doing things that were far ahead of the times. He was a pioneer in the house music scene and had admirable business practices. And I feel the same way about Andrew Kelsey the owner of Liaison Artists. He has always inspired me as well.”

When asked what inspired her companies, her response really captured her vision better than I ever could. Here’s what she had to say:

“I have seen a ton of events produced over the 13 years of owning YBR and felt like there is often a certain energy and element of surprise missing from them, especially recently. When I first got into the rave scene, people were so inspired to create unique events with themes, decorations, and various forms of entertainment along with whatever DJs were playing. Overtime once events moved into legal club venues instead of warehouses, promoters couldn’t earn the same money, and so the ideology shifted.  It seems like there is a certain formula that promoters tend to use now for creating and marketing events, that is mainly focused on paying for talent and marketing, and the scene has really been stripped of the creativity that made me fall in love with it. With Culture Vulture we wanted to change the way that people think about event production and also about advertising and marketing in general, using what I call the “Robin Hood Theory”: Using big brands to fund the production of an event by a collection of creatives. With the access to a larger fund, we bring artists and musicians together with performers, chefs, video producers, photographers, and various other team players, to make unique events that have a high level of quality control and future-forward creativity to present brands in a way that is less invasive, using more subtle ways of positioning these brands, and thus creating a win-win situation for all involved, including the public.”

Real. She’s worked her ass off for everything she has and is thankful for the fruits of her labor and love. This lady isn’t getting paid to party and fuck off. She is one the most ingenious, passionate and hardworking people you’ll ever meet. She gets shit DONE, son.

“Culture Vulture” currently has opportunities available:

“Once we get our first major round of funding we will begin our search for the right team members. But as of now, we are taking references for businesses we can work with, such as catering companies, performers, visual artists, graphic designers, etc. People who want to be a part of making the magic happen and who are at the top of their game creatively.”

Get at her.

A new mom to boot, when Brittany isn’t bring the parties to the masses she enjoys quiet moments at home with her loved ones. Brittany’s partner in crime and father to their beautiful baby girl, “Worthy” is known through ought the bay for his “Booty Future House “ beats and you can catch him next at “HARD”  http://www.hardfest.com/.  I asked if she had any advice to share with any other moms trying to conquer the world one bay at a time like her:

“Haha, that’s funny! I guess while you are out conquering the world, don’t forget to spend time with your family. I make a point to spend quality time with my daughter every day, especially in the mornings before I let my head get too far into the business game. Doing this I can be very present with her and I make sure to remind myself of how important it is to treasure each day and show gratitude to the universe for her. When we wake up we open the window and yell “Good morning world! Thank you for having us. We love being alive!” She always giggles. I think it’s important to show reverence for this blessed life.”

Absolutely singular…Brittany finds a way to balance the demands of the companies she runs and still finds time to slow down and enjoy the life she’s living. She works harder than most, yet still finds time every morning to appreciate the love she is given and nurtures her friendships and family. Too often we come across people who seem to only thrive when focusing on either family or career independently of each other. Somehow she finds a way to sustain both simultaneously. I had the time of my life working for Brittany. As a mobile street promoter working for YBR I was paid to spread the word and flyers about upcoming events/ concerts. The job required late nights, lots of energy/direct results. I always appreciated her as an employer because she brought the same energy to the table that she expected of others. She was always there at the parties, hands on, running things, havin’ a good time while acting as “Den mother” and hostess to so many. (Let alone makin’ sure shit ran smoothly! Haha)

Her advice for others trying to succeed in the party game:

“Dream Big. And make a practical check list to use as your guide to achieving those dreams. I think I was a bit too “go with the flow” in my thinking in my 20’s and wish I had set higher goals for myself. I am doing that now and setting clear intentions for myself is allowing me to accomplish much more in my 30s.”

Fuck yeah, man. A little love, a lot of hard work and enough passion to create change. Keep holdin’ down the fort Brittany. I’ll always be cheering in your corner!

Whether you are looking for the next party, or need to PROMOTE your next big event, Brittany is your lady.

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