california waste solutions

Outside of Walgreens on Telegraph and 51st, I stopped to talk to a trio of representatives from

California Waste Solutions

with a huge sign stating “DO NOT SIGN THEIR PETITION.”

The petition they are referring to is

Texas based Waste Management,

who has had a monopoly over Oakland and send the money they make back to Texas. This organization is asking for signatures on the streets of Oakland and is blatantly lying about what the petition is for. They have promised lower garbage rates and really they are gathering signatures to overthrow the decision made by the City of Oakland not to renew Waste Management’s contract.

The City has instead decided to go with California Waste Solutions, a locally and minority-owned firm. The City was in favor of the local organization, as the owners are residents of Oakland with the best interests of their community in mind and the more than $80 million the firm plans to invest will go back into Oakland, creating construction jobs and boosting the local economy. They have 31 years of experience in the waste industry, plans to hire 150-200 workers and keep the Union workers from Waste Management at the same wages and benefits and promise lower rates than the Texas bully that already lost to them fair and square. (7 to 1)
So if someone comes up to you and asks you to sign a petition about garbage, LISTEN FOR THE CALIFORNIA IN THEIR NAMES.
california waste solutions oakland ca
Waste Management= TEXAS = BAD
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If you are feeling angry about this (or if you just feel angry and need to take it out on someone) here is Texas Waste Management’s number: (713) 512-6200. Let them know what you think about their lies and petitioning for a monopoly over Oakland.