holding opposites release party naming gallery oakland

Art Book and Tape for sale at Naming Gallery

Lisa Aurora


Naming Gallery

and more recently,

Tilde, a community space with video games to play,

tilde oakland video games

books to read,

tilde oakland sidewalk library

and vintage clothing to buy,

tilde Oakland art

Art at Tilde

hosted the event


Release/ Art/ Music Show!

holding opposites naming gallery oakland benefit

The proceeds went to SNAPs: Special Needs Activities Professionals.

Art Book: Holding Opposites

Art Book: Holding Opposites

15th Street has got quite a sweet vibe to it! Lisa, Judy of Mary Weather , and all of the Naming Gallery volunteers have really made an open, exciting space to gather, collaborate, create and celebrate.
naming gallery seating street party

naming gallery tape release

naming gallery fans

naming gallery sign on sidewalk oakland

naming street party ppl upstairs


There was music by:

B. Hamilton

b hamilton naming

dancing to b hamilton oakland naming gallery

Dancing to B Hamilton in the streets!

b hamilton naked drummer oakland naming gallery


saything band oakland naming

DJ All Day
DJ all day oakland naming gallery

and as a nightcap, Two Gallants.

two gallants naming gallery oakland

The artists included:

James Otto Seibold
j otto seibold naming gallery no future

j otto seibold naming gallery

"Hanged Man" by Casey Collins

“Hanged Man” by Casey Collins

Nate Mahan
naming gallery nate mahan

naming gallery oakland nate mahan

Travis White
lets party art by teddy pancake at naming gallery oakland

Luke Judd

luke judd oakland ca

Daniel Gorostiaga

naming gallery oakland daniel gorostiaga

And many others!

Come check out 15th St at their next event, Oakland Drops Beats!