Art Beat Events’ founder Rachelle Louise

had her first official party on September 25th in San Francisco as a part of a fundraising event with the SF Asian Women’s Shelter.

Rachelle emphasized the importance of having an ongoing fundraising component to her events, as this something she feels passionate about. Especially pairing with women’s shelters to do creative arts.

The Art Beat party was a huge success! Twenty people attended, Hazel Rose performed, the participants got a demo by Rachelle and made paintings of their own. “It went better than I even expected it to be,” says Rachelle. It was everyone else’s energy that she credits with making the night a beautiful debuting of ART BEAT EVENTS into the world.

What ART BEAT EVENTS is, Rachelle says, is music, drinks, a fun venue, a city feel, and an encouraging encironment for expressing, exploring, and playing through painting. It is also an umbrella for corporations or private groups to use painting as a way of or team-building. Art Beat Events is a mobile creative party with art materials supplied.

At the party there is a demo painting to refer to and the workshop leader takes the party through the painting process. An assistant walks around and answers questions as well as gives encouragement and feedback to individuals. Of course, participants are always welcome to stray from the demo and paint whatever they feel like or change the model in any way they want.

For some people, it was their first time ever painting. Others didn’t know they could paint. Rachelle talks about the process of watching people getting frustrated earlier in their painting and by the time she walked around the table and arrived back at them, she would see the improvement. They would be happy and loving it as the process of painting allows for giving up, rethinking, fixing and re-imagining. Rachelle’s ART BEAT EVENTS Paint Parties give people an opportunity to explore in a room full of friends.

Rachelle also did a painting workshop as a part of Sol Sister’s Glide event in San Francisco that I was lucky enough to witness firsthand. In the all-female setting of a women’s shelter, the power of the images that were created could be felt as they were emerging from the canvas and afterwards when the women shared what the paintings meant to them. The expression and healing that can happen through art is something that Rachelle wants to bring to as many people as possible.

art beats ladies

ART BEAT EVENTS was born of a love for creating and an equal love for helping people, but it goes much deeper than that.

Rachelle was born with a cancerous birthmark. It was the size of a dime when she was born and by the time the plastic surgeon went to remove it, she was 2 and it was the size of her back. At the hospital, she was around kids with different types and stages of cancer. There were also organizations there like Arts For Kids Sake and Make a Wish.

There were kids that weren’t going to make it, kids that were survivors, kids hooked up to air and blood tranfusions tubes. These programs gave patients an outlet, a medium to use to express themelsves. Art stations were set up for kids by these partner organizations. There was an area where families could speak to therapists. Rachelle believes that these early experiences of expression, creativity and compassion stuck with her for her entire life.

art beats painting

She always loved working with kids and art when growing up. Art was also her favoratie subject in school and she recalls being a child and the whole neighborhood coming out to make chalk murals together on the sidewalks and streets.

Rachelle was born in Alameda and grew up in Martinez. Her grandparents met in Oakland. Prior to staring Art Beat, she was a prescool teacher and then she did dentistry for seven years, but was still very drawn to the arts. When she moved to Oakland seven years ago, she actually got into the scene through spoken word and poetry. These writers sparked her latent creativity and she started to paint more. She tells me how she would be super tired at the dentist ‘s office because she stayed up until 3 AM painting and planning shows. Naturally, the next step was dedicating her time fully to the creation and growth of Art Beat Events.

Rachelle (middle)

Rachelle (middle)