When the seasons change, I get to missing New York because as much as long time California residents hagve told me the weather has defined periods of change, I have yet to decern something that actually resembes a fucking SEASON here. So in about October, when the leaves would be orange and brown, falling crunchy beneath my feet, I crave New York. I will take the city even, which has such a dampened display of change compared to the suburbs, which smell of damp walnuts and toads, which in comparison to up state, is a child’s rendering of a masterpiece.

Halloween in New York is random as fuck. It is chaos, like New York always is, drunkenness, strangers wearing outfits that they feel more comfort and playful in than their everyday outfits and people are OUT. This is the thing that gets me about California. Where are the mother fucking people? Why aren’t they OUT? First fridays is bringing a new-yorkish feel and this last first friday had shows lasting into the night, men playing saxophone on the sidewalks, dancing outside and though the scale is so different, I took it all in like a fix.

So, Oakland, you are not New York City on Halloween. I know it isn’t fair to keep comparing you. It is just like falling in love when you are young and naive with no holds barred. For a while, everything will pale in comparison to that perfection you attributed to that down-and-out smuck that you lost your virginity to. After that fades, the idealized nostalgia settles in and often stays. But Oakland, I love you more honestly than New York. In keeping with my grown ass woman type of love that takes a city for what it is, loves it because of its quirks and vices, this Halloween was an

Oakland Halloween.

Hookah with The Princess & the Frog

frog hookah

Oakland Halloween spanned two weekends for me, so I got to dress in a green unitard in public not once, but twice! The first time was to go to Warehouse 416 for their Costume Party. I didn’t tell my friend what I would be because I wanted to surprise her with my head-to-toe neon green attire. She showed up and said she was going to be a Disney princess, so we were the accidental Princess & the Frog. Since we are both from New York and Halloween is an event we would have spent up until the sun set- and then the following day complaining that we weren’t in college anymore and who the hell did we think we were going out till 6 AM, to then move on to lamenting our nearing 30’s and the lack of starter home- we were awake and looking for something else to do. Then I remembered Oasis, the Hookah bar on top of the market on Perkins. YES! Hookah is very reminiscent of New York, before the lounges started sprouting up around NYU and charging $30 to hang out with young snotty turds who changed the music from Bollywood to Brittney Spears. And so Hookah we did!

bustingoutstorytelling oakland

Mayoral Candidate Narrowly Escapes Death By 90 lb Woman

Kay DiMartini’s BustingOut Storytelling is a monthly event in downtown Oakland.

This month it fell on Halloween, so the theme was naturally “Frightening!” Mayoral candidate, Dan Williams,claimed he was not frightened of anything except women who are frightened of him. Stationed in Florida while in the service, he had a girlfriend he was very much in love with, that lived quite a distance away. Emphasizing that he was young and there was the opportunity to have sex, he was down to make the drive quite frequently. When one night she told him she was having a party, he took that to mean that he was invited and drove up. When he arrived, he found her, topless in her room with another guy. The description of the encounter was priceless because Williams described the scene, her running into the bathroom with her boobs out and the guy hiding in the closet and attempting not to make eye contact when he was clearly seen in his obvious hiding spot. Williams gave the audience some background, as this young woman had quite a rough past. She had killed a family member in self defense as well as had several other violent encounters involving small animals. Williams describes confronting her, his six feet to her five feet and a couple inches, and though he was trying to be calm, coming off as intimidating. And in her fear, she pulled out a knife. He turns to the audience and says that there was nothing good to come of this situation. That no matter what happened, including him dying, he wouldn’t be able to make it make any sense to anyone that a 90lb woman just stabbed him. He said he thought about it and since as he said, with a bit of dark humor, he knew she had killed things, he turned around and ran. Thanks to that survival instinct, he is here today to run for the Mayor of Oakland.
R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet”  played while the event wound down and people smoozed a bit before clearing out. Next month’s focus is “Family & Fruitcakes” on November 21st.

Geoffrey’s Inner Circle

410 14th St
ron warehouse416

Potluck & Dance Party

Warehouse 416,

a venue and art gallery, had a potluck dinner and dance party that they kindly allowed a chance princess and the frog to attend. Art work by many artists, including Jamaica Dryer, hung on the walls and the space alone held enough ambience to intrigue anyone into attending, plus there was food! I have been here before to see one of Ubuntu’s productions. It is a really sweet space to attend events or rent out for your own fancy happenings!

Art by Jamaica Dryer

Art by Jamaica Dryer

ladies at 416

Check them out this First Friday or at the Saturday Stroll! If you are feeling very alive and caffeinated, come early and join the VeloRaptors Bike Ride on Saturday Morning!

416 26th St.



On the way to Ruby’s Can’t Fail Cafe, where it is kind of Halloween all the time, we encountered this guy. He said his costume was possibly flubber.

halloween hiphop

Happened Upon A Halloween Hip Hop

With plans to do yoga at Flying Yoga, I left the house in tie-dyed stretchy pants. When I went up to the desk to pay for the class at the Annex for Flying Yoga, I discovered it was actually a Halloween Hip Hop Class with MoMo. It was fucking awesome. And yes, we danced to Thriller.

Flying Yoga

4308 Telegraph Ave

holloween hiphop

A Night Cap: “No Take Backs”

Right before ending the night, we drove past the MacArthur Bart station. An attractive young man was listening to headphones and dancing, waving at us. We rolled down the window to say hello. He invited us to hang out with him and share his Hennesey, in several different iterations, to which we were not too keen at the hour. However, I did hand him a business card to show him I was fancy. He looked at it, read the name and said to me, “your name is Gina? Na. I’m gonna have to give this back. I just broke up with a girl named Gina. I’m sorry. I’m gonna have to go,” and after fifteen minutes or so of talking us up, he bolted from the car. Literally ran. I could not stop laughing. Some Gina did that nice looking man very wrong!