I recently came up against so many overly expanded, over fed egos, that it inspired me to write this, knowing full well if I see it in someone else then it exists in me too.

Let me share a piece of me with you.

In my desire to have WYV reach unfound territory I obsessed about being in the perceived right place, at the right time & doing whatever I can, bar selling my body, to get there. Maturity struck. Reality hit. I was forced to face my own personal ego, reassess why I feel the way I do- I went within – as I came up close an personal with my ego (we all have one it’s a bit like the g-spot, when you find it you’ll know it), I gave it a little ”there, there” and got right back to work.

The ego is a very powerful tool. However, if used with only self gain in mind, it can be our biggest downfall

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source: http://shariyantes.com/dont-let-your-ego-get-in-your-way/


1) I think ego has it’s very own ego, yup! So if we let our ego’s rule all our decisions, than we are going to have to satisfy our ego and the ego of our ego = exhausting = bad decision making based on poor knowledge due to interdependence of ego’s

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2) The picture of your life and the possibilities it holds for us through the lens of our ego, leaves us short sighted and incapable of seeing the bigger picture = small picture = small ideas = small mind

3) Ego feeds our fears, it’s our egos drug of choice = inability to have what we want due to fear = hurt ego = fear = inferiority complex

4) Ego is the one thing that will continually trip us up until we tame it.

5) Ego makes us the most undesirable-desirable person in the room. How often have we seen the most obnoxious person surrounded by the largest crowd of groupies laughing at their jokes, getting them another drink, telling them how wonderful they are. Hmmm…like flies to shit

6) The minute you declare to the world that you do not have a big ego, you do = BIG EGO

7) Ego leaves us incapable of sound decision making, the choices will be bad and they will not make sense to anyone apart from our ego = misguided sense of self.

8) The Ego will have us believe we are invincible = when will we realize we have taken a power trip the wrong way up our own ass? = delusional sense of self

9) One last nugget of wisdom, the ego is always there, it is I do believe absolutely necessary, it is not the evil twin, but it must be used with caution


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Extract competition from the equation- keep your elbows in & tame your ego. AND if you are struggling, absorb this- no one else can do it like you, because it comes from you, your brain, your soul, no one person can replicate your work and for that reason alone, GIVE IT UP & TAME YOUR DAMN EGO!