Skeletons in Her Closet; The Top 20 ways you can tell your mother lived a past life as a Dead Head. 

So all of a sudden things with the 50 year celebration of the Grateful Dead a few things are starting to add up. You’ve led a pretty play based, Peacenik kind of a life and now you know why.  The twenty clues that led to the truth about Mom

Bedtime stories were always about miracles and long strange trips.

Instead of saying “let’s go” or “hurry up” she made up weird things like; Let’s get “Truckin”

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She assumes green stuff in smoothies is something called spirulena and is disappointed when told it is Kale.

She has a particular ability to recognize the fragrances musk, patchouli and skunk.



She looks longingly at Birkenstocks and wishes they came with a slight wedge so she could still wear them despite her bad back.

She never stopped you from twirling in your dresses. In fact, she often joined in and you’d get dizzy together.

She quickly corrects you if you mix up drug acronyms you learned in Middle School Health Class, particularly if you say PCP when you mean LSD, they are not the SAME thing!

She thinks everyone calls long interludes of music with no lyrics “space”, (and she still gets bored).

She does not doubt that LSD and THC have medicinal value, but won’t tell you how she votes on Marijuana
initiatives (but you do know that if she had to choose she prefers potheads to alcoholics).

tie die

If a new fashion comes in a tie dye print, she’ll be the first to buy it.

The Old Feathers, New Bird

Her idea of a clown is some guy named Wavy Gravy.

You think you are related to Bill Graham, because your baby book has clippings from his memorial concert, and they say you were there just 3 weeks old.

Your Dad has a few choice ties from an unknown fashion designer named Jerry Garcia.

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Her best friend from college just left a message on voice mail saying, “I have no idea where you live right now but I am hoping to see you at the shows. Call me”… you’re left wondering ‘what the hell are THE shows?’



She has a special affinity for long hair, silver jewelry, face painting and French braids but if you want an up do or make up for your prom she pays someone.

She notices random dancing bear stickers on peoples car, the bears are cute but what gives?


And what is the deal with skulls?  Is it a pirate thing or what? they come in many colors

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She says she knows how to camp, camped plenty in the olden days but prefers hotels on vacation now.

Laguna Seca stub (1)

She knows just where Chrissie Fields, Laguna Seca, Angels Camp, The Greek, Frost and other random venues are but you’ve never been to any events there with her.

Footwear is optional (you can always take a foot bath) and she wouldn’t wear a bra if she didn’t have to.


Ultimately she is the COOLEST Mom ever, you don’t need the sordid details of how she got that way, so don’t bug her about it… some secrets are better left that way…