10. She’s from South side Chicago and went to public school until she was accepted into Harvard Law School (making her the first in her family to go to college)  getting her Law Degree to go along with her Bachelors in sociology. A true woman of the people who never forgot where she came from! She married her home state’s senator for crying out loud. If that’s not patriotism, idk what is.

9. She has some badass dance moves for a mom.
jimmy fallon michelle obama oakland

giphy (1)
And she’s up to date on all the latest dance crazes!!

michelle obama jimmy fallon oakland (3)(Keep in mind this was from a few years back so the Dougie was still totes relevant)

I wouldn’t mind doing the Nay Nay with the First Ladayyy, heyyyyyyy #thefirsttwerkteamoftheunitedstates #flotus

8. Like many other  FLOTUS she has decided to use her platform to focus on a specific cause. Mrs. Obama has chosen to tackle the very serious issue of childhood health and nutrition. With the launch of ChooseMyPlate.gov she’s sought to reinvent the traditional food pyramid, which has been outdated, and introduced the food plate. It’s a simple switch to help kids better understand the importance of a well balanced meal. The same goes for her campaign on LetsMove.gov which encourages kids to pursue active lifestyles and “Just move”.

michelle obama health dc oakland
You go Michelle!

7. She was recently interviewed by infamous YouTuber and San Francisco native, Tyler Oakley on his YouTube channel. It’s hilarious but it also focuses on the importance of pursuing higher education, another cause close to the first lady’s heart.

And at the end there’s a bit of a blooper reel and she’s so f***ing adorable I can’t even handle it.

6. She supports Beyoncé as a strong feminist role model for her daughters and women everywhere.


michelle obama beyonce tweet oakland



michelle obama beyonce oakland

4. This song that teaches girls all of the right things in my opinion and also proclaims her a full fledged #BOSS

3. Her outfits are literally always on point.

Like literally, always.

michelle obama oakland


2. You can tell she genuinely loves her husband and supports him both politically and emotionally. Which to me is pretty rad. I don’t know what it is but I feel like I’m watching my parents. The way they look at each other, you can just tell they love one another so limitlessly.

barack-obama-michelle-dancing11 oakland

1.  She is the first FLOTUS of color ever.

glee michelle obama oakland

Say what you want about this one; call it a fluke, call it a coincidence, or refuse to see it as a positive thing at all. Coming from a magazine, and a city that is made up of all shades, creeds and orientations, to see someone of a “minority” group working hard, utilizing a platform to spark positive change in the world and doing so with style and grace is empowering to so many people who are marginalized and silenced on a daily basis. It’s enough to make you sit in awe that it’s taken so long to see someone (someone like me) in a place of power. And if that’s not enough to make her the coolest First Lady ever, well I really don’t know what else to tell you.

michelle obama oakland


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